out to lunch, again

By condemning only Israel and discouraging an examination of the actions of Hizballah, the Council is rewarding an armed non-state actor, one that is currently trying to bring down the democratically elected Lebanese government, for engaging in repeated armed attacks against a member state of the United Nations…
The United States remains a strong supporter of Lebanon’s democratically elected government, and the Lebanese people, as we reiterate our dedication to help Lebanon rebuild as they deserve a prosperous and secure country in which they are free to make decisions without fear of violence or intimidation. We urge the Council to live up to its responsibility to consider all sides of a situation — to act constructively, in accordance with its mandate, to promote and protect human rights so as to end the suffering on both sides and to advance the cause of peace.

This from a state that, “Between 1945 and 2005…has attempted to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments, and to crush more than 30 populist-nationalist movements struggling against intolerable regimes… In the process, the U.S. caused the end of life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair.”

Stating the obvious (unless you’ve been visiting with Robinson Crusoe and his man Friday for the best part of a century), maybe. But against all logic we keep falling into a self-inflicted collective amnesia. With this track record, personally, alarm bells go off as soon as the US “backs” any player/s (except if Apokraphyte does the backing). Please, speak up now if you can think of one benevolent government installed or propped up by the US.

As for this region, the signs are all there. Look no further than the troupe of US-backed tyrants (kings of saudi and jordan, and mubarak) shedding crocodile tears publicly for Lebanon, privately out of fear of their own demise when their common benefactor washes its hands of Iraq and/or their own “subjects” get a whiff of what people power can achieve (pro-miscellaneous, anti-miscellaneous and erfenin raff siyeset libnen are all waiting with bated breath).

Are the Seraille Squatters the first incorrupt government components to receive backing from the US? If so: yes! Another notch in Lebanon’s belt. Tfeh.


2 Replies to “out to lunch, again”

  1. “prosperous and secure country” ? the basic problem in lebanon is SOCIAL. the gap between a very rich governing minority and the mass is huge. there can be no prosperity and no security until that problem is faced and solved…

  2. Nayla, i agree. this is predictable US rhetoric and i think the Administration has about as much interest in bridging the socioeconomic divide in Lebanon as it does in bridging its own domestic divide: zero.

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