Livni supports "Arab Moderates"


In a final show of discontent at the Baker Report’s recommendations, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said that “Arab moderates” (quote-end-quote):

had told her confidentially that they were concerned over the growth of extremism in the region, especially as supported by Iran.

Speaking at the Saban Center for biased and pro-zionist Middle Eastern studies(where the breeding ground for the “Arab moderates” is found), Livni observed that she shared the concerns of these “Arab moderates”, and that the Baker’s Report recommendations does not understand that Middle Eastern issues must always be framed according to a moderate VS extremist political categorization.
Gee I wonder, would our people (the “moderates” of the 14th of March) fighting the Khezballah “extremists” confidentially share their concerns with Livni?
How many of these “Arab moderates” do call Livni at night for consolation when all is dark?

ADDENDUM (a Foreign Intervention, of sorts): Please see hilarious Haaretz article on Haim Saban of his eponymous center at the Brookings Institute. Life lesson: Money may allow you shape the course of world affairs, but if you are an ass, no amount of riches will ever overcome this basic fact.

Also, please see this article on the battle brewing in Washington, of which Ms. Livni’s late-night whispers are part. The author is a bit off course and a bit of a crackpot, but the outline is right:

The tension between the Bush administration and the members of the Iraq Study Group, illustrates the widening chasm between old-guard U.S. imperialists and “Israel-first” neoconservatives. The divisions are setting the stage for a major battle between the two camps. The winner will probably decide US policy in the Middle East for the next decade.


4 Replies to “Livni supports "Arab Moderates"”

  1. How I loathe that term… let me count the ways..

    The minute you apply the word “moderate” to anything, it implies that the raw word is bad and dangerous.

    a “moderate” Apple fan boy. a “moderate” muslim. a “moderate” gamer. a “moderate” dictator.

    One day, they’ll just stop calling us “moderate” arabs and just switch to calling us “moderate extremists” and then we will all laugh to tears not because it will be funny but because of the gas.

  2. you can CHOOSE to be an idiot. you can’t choose to be an arab.

    I think of myself too as a moderate size 6.
    Just not a moderate human.

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