Nasrallah’s speech

The way in which Nasrallah stressed several times in his latest speech the non-violent character of these demonstrations is extremely interesting by all standards.

1- Through his unrelentless claim that the party does not want to drag anyone into a civil war, and that its weapons are not to be used on any Lebanese. And in effect, this is an organization that has never used its arsenal on any Lebanese.

2- By asking the people not to fire as ‘tradition would want it’ for cheering, even if it is shots in the air. That’s it no shots. Have you ever heard a Lebanese leader, let alone an Arab one, go to that amount of precisions on how he understands violence?

In effect, Hizbullah can ask for that because it knows, has instrumentalized, and has used all sorts of tactical violence to achieve its resistance goals, and the liberation of the territory occupied by Israel. It knows how to use violence, when and how. So when the SG of this party speaks of the particular means of mobilization you better listen. And in effect, this party has no interest whatsoever in creating dissensions in Lebanon that would destabilize the country. It always worked in a way to create compromise.

Even while looking at it from the mostly realist-cunning perspective they stand to lose by all counts if they try to either monopolize decision making or impede on the power of other groups. Lock it in your heads for good this time: The weak destabilizes and looks for refuge in fragmentation, the strong is more prone towards unity. That’s the strategic advantage of each.

Hell, even now they are probably still ready to find a solution that would include, in a potential government, the very people that have tried to get them neutralized. Why? Because they know that this is how it works in Lebanon. Because they’re strong enough not to go crazy and ask for the whole nine yards but in the same time force their opponents to accept certain realities on the ground. What’s good about this party is that they are progressivist enough to change the rules of the game in the country, and get us out of the corruption-mercantile-confessional trap we are locked in since god(s) knows when, but enough prudence not to create major political disruptions.

The other thing I find amazing is that after all the Christian Lebanese “isolationists”, right wing, neocon, and other groups, bashing at the Aounist movement Tayyar, there are still people from this constituency trying to make a difference. This means that there are many Lebanese who have understood the lessons of history. And this is simply great. But what’s very shocking is western media coverage of the issue. Only today I ran across an article in some American newspaper, which mentions in the last paragraph that there are “some Christian group” that is allied with Hizbullah.


One Reply to “Nasrallah’s speech”

  1. Great post. I love that Aoun/Hizbullah detractors cannot decide whether they are evil because they dont play by the Lebanese game of consensual politics or evil because they do play by this same game …

    All’s fair in love and war, including cognitive dissonance …

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