Very weird drawbacks of the Holocaust industry

I don’t understand. Do you actually have people enjoying being pathetic and bragging about it?

NAZARETH, ISRAEL — Lawyer Khaled Mahameed opened his modest Holocaust museum a year and a half ago, tacking up 80 historical photographs, with captions that he translated into Arabic, at his law office in downtown Nazareth.
Attendance has been sparse.
Mahameed, a 44-year-old Muslim, says the exhibit aims to break down what he describes as a tendency among Arabs to avert their gaze from the Holocaust — at the cost of understanding a defining experience of their Jewish neighbors. Only when Arabs understand the dimensions of the Holocaust is real peace possible, he argues.

No mister! It is when people will stop thinking that Arabs don’t know about the holocaust, when people will actually realize that among all the people around the globe those who know the most about the holocaust are the Arabs, then we will probably have more energy and effort devoted toward real peace. Loser…


3 Replies to “Very weird drawbacks of the Holocaust industry”

  1. Well, he’s getting some flak from the Anti Defamation League for connecting the dispossession of the Palestinians to the Holocaust, so he can’t be all bad.:)

  2. Sorry to be so cynical, but there is a certain kind of kind of huckster who hangs out in tourist towns like Nazareth and I am sure this guy is one. This is lazy, fluff, I need a day off journalism …

    Along these lines, I am transforming in my apartment in DC into a Hiroshige Museum — I already have one poster and may get another … 😉

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