Merchant Republic …

Lebanon’s image as the region’s party town is evaporating faster than you can say Bacardi Breezer, while brand Lebanon, which nearly two years ago oozed with equity, is looking very brittle.

It “oozed” something alright …


16 Replies to “Merchant Republic …”

  1. It was more Dante than downtown, as I watched a nation deliriously assisting in its own suicide. Was it really meant to be that way?

    How delusional can you be?

  2. Personally, I had no idea that HA was responsible for the national debt … The author is a corporate shill (and that is if I am feeling nice)

  3. michael karam was an english teacher at IC who liked to have dutch-cheese in his sandwiches (my friend had a crush on him and we used to stalk him ten years ago).

    unless this is a different michael.

  4. I didn’t find that particular article to be any more asinine than a lot of things that are regularly published in the DS though.
    It actually made me a bit more hopeful about that publication’s agenda and concern with showing multiple sides of the debate instead of being uni-dimensional.
    A newspaper that would only tell me what I want to hear is a bore and that’s what l’Orient Le Jour has become, unfortch.

  5. guys, seriously now, nothing the opinion editor lets pass these days compares to the things nahla attiyah used to write … those were true gems.

  6. laz, nahla atiyah is a notch down in subtlety, or a notch up in crudeness if you prefer. what’s she doing now i wonder… activist for maltreated domestic labour? 🙂

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