I have a dream!

Sorry to use women to make our point here, but seriously this is for a higher cause. And by the way, may the gods bless the women as they are the pedestal of humanity’s eternal becoming.


18 Replies to “I have a dream!”

  1. “the pedestal of humanity’s eternal becoming” ….

    I hope no girls let you get away with “stuff” like that … 😉

  2. w0rd!

    Of course he’ll get away with it. The Da Vinci Code said the same thing, therefore it MUST BE TRUE.

    On another note, what the Fashion Police might think otherwise of the picture.

  3. I don’t mind being “the pedestal of humanity’s eternal becoming”..hehehehe…it’s the men who will not let him get away with stuff like that…
    I like the tattoo:D

  4. Judging by the orange bandana on her waist that she’s loyal to the FPM. That’s about I willing to read into this photo.

  5. Judging by the orange bandana around her waist, I’d say she’s loyal to the FPM. That’s about all I’m willing to read into this photo.

  6. by the way, i think all the southern peasants are in downtown beirut because of the FPM girls.

    another great plan pulled by nasrallah and Aoun.

  7. Omigod Bored, do you mean to say the savages want our fair maidens?! Now sweetie, you look up Cicciolina. I’m sure she’d be right up your alley, but don’t think everyone’s politics are directed by their penises & don’t project. The “southern peasants” (who probably live a block away from you but are busy invisibly tilling the soil on their rooftops) have a lot more class than you do but you wouldn’t know because you’ve probably never spoken to one. You’re likely to have unsuspectingly drooled at a shiia without realising the horror of your act. Go shower, quick! By the way, there’s no shortage of tits and arse in the south or for that matter in the suburbs. Pretty hot… & the demographics prove so. Oh, sorry if that pains you! Well, no, I’m not really.

  8. ooooh

    i can’t believe what a bunch of prejudiced idiots all of you are. i was assuming that this was a smart bunch running this blog. turns out i’m wrong. i appologize about prejudging you.

    1st, i am impressed that you discovered that i am GOD. the omnigod, the omnitruth, just like your Nasralla and Aoun.

    2nd, you assumed that i am the typical “oh my god the shi3a are here” christian “i’m scared” boy.
    well you make your conclusions like the 14 march idiots make conclusions about the parties standing behind their assasinations.

    3rd, ask some of the guys with Hizballah, and come back and tell me, how many of them are druling over Aouni girls?

    i bet they are a lot.

    not because they are inferior, nor because they are bad, nor because they are shi3aa nor because they are sleazy.
    Just because they are peasants.

    So listen ya ayoura!

    Noone talked about Shi3a, Nor Sunni, nor red monkeys, nor blue elephants.

    I attacked peasants.

    i will continue attacking peasants until i die.

    and i shall attack all those who defend them.

    i.e. YOU (peasant lovers)

    One day, i will rise with a huge army of mercenaries and kill all peasants and their supporters, so BeWare!!!

  9. I don’t know why the others misunerstood you bored. It seems you’re not sectarian. But you’re definitely a fascist.

    Oh and a word of advice, there are not much peasants left in the south. So you’re pretty left of with a very stupid observation.

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