Shame on the media

Yes, by the way,

shame on the media that does not understand that the people who are on the streets are not there for “sectarian” reasons but because they’re fed up of a government that is incompetent, corrupt, and dangerous.

Shame on the media that twists information according to where the paycheck come from.

Shame on the media that is itself sectarian, replicating the confessional discourse that, we as Lebanese, are guilty of having supplied during the past decades.

Shame on the media that replicates another demon the Lebanese have created in order to stay divided the Syria-bashing Syndrome. Again us Lebanese are so guilty. We have fed the media with our fears. And our fears are now traveling the world as an biased account of the social reality.

Shame on the media that does not have any idea of the principles it always brandishes like democracy, rights, equality, and all that blabla using it when the directives of the dominant hegemony (of ideas) permits it.

Shame on the media that praised the 14th of March gathering as a “democratic” and “popular” upsurge (when it was actually a racist xenophobic reaction to a created enemy namely Syria), and fails to see that it’s socio-economic concerns that are the base of the mobilizations witnessed today. Shame Shame Shame on that one (three shames).

Shame on the media in Lebanon that is made of corrupt “intellectuals” and dilettante writers of all creed. L’Orient le Jour is just a nightmare i almost cried this morning trying to read it. The headlines on their own are just horrible. (many shames here)

Shame on the media in the US and Europe that are too lazy to go beyond the first accounts collected by the confessionally narrow minded reporters in Lebanon.

I wish I could tell all those people on the ground today that I am sorry that the majority of the brain-washed people around the globes thinks that pro-Syrian is the only qualification you deserve. I am horribly sorry. I am ashamed myself. I hope to do everything I can to rectify this with my modest possiblities (a laptop and some fingers).


4 Replies to “Shame on the media”

  1. “because they’re fed up of a government that is incompetent, corrupt, and dangerous.”

    Hmmm. I rarely agree with the angry As’ad AbuKhalil but he did highlight recently the fact that on one hand the opposition is calling the current government “incompetent, corrupt, and dangerous” and on the other they would be quite satisfied with being granted their 8 seats and veto power in that exact same government.

    Oh, and yes, Shame on the media. And that includes the Daily Star as well: “At least 1 killed as violence breaks out across Beirut”. Not to belittle the death of that man, but I think it has been established that there was 1 killed. So “At least 1 killed” serves no other purpose than to stir up fear and anger in the peeps. The media, all media, ought to be accountable and socially responsible.

  2. Great point about the Daily Star! I almost did a post on this very same title.

    On the other hand if the opposition is grantes 8 seats it wouldn’t be the exact same governement would it?

  3. from a chemical standpoint (% and composition), it would obviously not be the same government; but how does one un-hypocritically make the switch from denouncing peeps as “war-lords” “feudal criminals”, corrupt, and what-not, to actually working with them?

    I know it’s possible, the Lebanese are great at adapting, but I like picking things apart and trying to find logic amid all the noise.

  4. Because you cannot reasonably ask the 14th of march to totally step down from the governement while they still have substantial popular support.
    What you can do however, is a unity government that would be balanced by the presence of both sides that would have the “opposition minority” within the cabinet and reduce the scale and amount of feudal decision making.

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