Now we fight

Today instead of laughing with my mom we almost hung up on each other’s face. So I called her and said “what’s up”. she answered: “It’s getting nasty”. So I asked why and she answered that the Syrians are trying to spread confusion. I said how’s that? She said that there was a hidden gunman who killed the Shi’a guy in order to mount the Shi’as against the Sunnis. So I said that it was just clashes between some Shi’as from the demonstrations and some Sunnis from nearby neighborhoods. So she answered “do you think that Hariri’s sunnis are armed?” I said well that would be likely. So she sighed and said “Hariri people are not armed no way”, and that it’s Syrians pulling the strings. She must have been referring to the Mustaqbal (pro-Hariri Newspaper) article saying that a couple of Syrians were arrested following the shooting. I expressed doubts over this bit of information and she screamed that its “the general” who told her (meaning the army general Michel Sleiman). Weirdly enough the military have not confirmed this news, so I probably think that somebody told her that it’s “el general” who told her.

Then she followed by saying “there are syrians throwing rocks at the demonstrators, and then running to “hide” somewhere. I said “are you seriously talking? Why would you have Syrians throwing rocks at demonstrators who are not against the Syrians”. So she answered that the Syrians were trying to spread confusion. Mmm I wonder where would they hide.. Behind the bushes of downtown? The only thing you can find in dowtown is cement and parking lots!

By the way this whole scapegoat argument that there are always Syrians somewhere trying to spread confusion is simply untenable anymore. I mean even during the height of their dominance I used to disagree with this statement, and now I just think that it is practically insulting to intellectual inquiry in general. This demonization of the Syrians that the ideological mind will always try to bend according to some twisted reasoning has to stop. Wake up people Syrians would actually be better off helping the demonstrators keep calm and stable so that the toppling of the government happens more effectively and not spread “confusion” or “throwing rock and hiding” and create a situation that will invite more anti-Syrian intervention.

So I tried to argue that and she said “bechir don’t anger me I am pro-Seniora”. So I said “just let me talk to my sister now”. By the way, if anyone talk badly of my mom I will kill him! Welcome to Lebanon.


6 Replies to “Now we fight”

  1. the Syrians are the new boogeymen…

    Regarding talking and arguing: I gave up on having a rational conversation with any one who combines the two factors of being much older than me (i.e.: were rational and functioning throughout the civil war, and not little children) and currently living in Lebanon. Why? They’re traumatized by the past and stressed out by the present. Nothing positive can come out of it. Not that I think I can see things clearer than they do… but their reality is de facto different from mine.

    Oh, and the patronizing tones (they’re older so they know better) that would likely arise from any debate would also make me want to hang up the phone in anger, so why even go there.

  2. I guess this is what my mom was referring to.
    And he quotes sources (Beirut Beltway!!)

    I like that bit:
    Syria’s remote control president in Lebanon, Emile Lahoud along with his ally Michel Aoun and the leader of Hezbollah have all instructed their followers to disregard the Government and Lebanon’s Internal Security Force.
    Please can you imagine a guy like Michel Aoun, who can have many bad attitudes, but has utmost respect for institutions and state (to the point where he could have destroyed the country for that at one point), turn to his constituency and “give instructions” to systematically disregard security forces..

    So on hand you have hizbullah/aoun/lahoud (the evil trinity!) telling people to systematically disregard security forces (and probably drink their blood if possible), and on the other, evil little Syrians throwing stones at the very people who are acting supposedly evil like them. What an evil and machiavelic world.

    So shame on blogs too!

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