Has Anyone Else Noticed …

That women are better than men.

Scanning the Lebanese blogosphere, I could not help but notice this basic fact. Egomaniacal males seem almost delighted with the news of violence, while the moody-brooders seem to have lost hope. Not so, for the gentler sex, who I can continue to read, even if I could not disagree more with their political outlook or sense of things.

In the spirit of this observation and with the hope that the Rambler will continue to endure the follies of the hormone-addled, I offer the following:


First he said:
It is the woman in us
That makes us write —
Let us acknowledge it–
Men would be silent.
We are not men
Therefore we can speak
And be conscious
(of the two sides)
Unbent by the sensual
As befits accuracy.

I then said:
Dare you make this
Your propaganda?

And he answered:
Am I not I–here?

— William Carlos Williams, 1913.


One Reply to “Has Anyone Else Noticed …”

  1. the moved, yet far-from-gentle-rambler is afraid she’s well on the slippery slope to disillusionland to join the “moody-brooders”. for now however, my co-conspirators are still persuasively ego-free to banish from my little world…or maybe i’ve taken the wrong road & wound up in delusionland. 🙂

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