the lebanese corner of the blogosphere: an exercise in self-flagellation…

In between blows, something attributed to Ibn Sina, otherwise known as Avicenna, comes to mind, that the world is divided into men who have wit and no religion and men who have religion and no wit. Either I’m completely bamboozled or the blogosphere is populated with the latter, brandishing their proclaimed anti-sectarianism like a sectarian battering ram and about as subtle as the Australian cicada during mating season.


6 Replies to “the lebanese corner of the blogosphere: an exercise in self-flagellation…”

  1. Good point, we are all against sectarism but most people seem to use it for sectarian reasons. Remember Loubnanouna, they have the anti-sectarism principle as long as they don’t actually have to live concretely with the other sects, they like them as long as they are wearing ties and watching hollywood movies. Also those who use it to defend the current governement also seem to forget the sectarian nature of the latter and that the only anti-confessional ideas in modern Lebanon are to be found in the opposition ranks.

  2. dude(tte), you should totally watch the “go God, go” episode of South Park (it’s decent, even if you’re not an S.P. fan).
    Talks about how extreme atheists can be as big assholes as religious fanatics.

    short exerpt that illustrates what you talk about:

    Isn’t my over-use of south-parkisms bordering on being pathetic.

  3. Sav, people are starting to show their true colours even beyond the obvious example of Loubnanouhoum (thanks Bech). I can think of at least one lebanese forum (bloggers) that’s now been overrun by the more proudly extreme & reactionary bloggers under the dellusion that they’re non-sectarian. Frankly, I feel like posting a worst offenders list! But I won’t, because i’m not reactionary. You’re right – the beautiful irony is that those who don the outward symbols of religion are far less sectarian than these pretenders.

    Callipyge, if these guys are atheists then I need to find a new category to fall under. Even if they don’t practice their own branch of insanity (i.e. orthodox religion), they still clearly identify it as superior to other brands of insanity. I.e. it’s still parochial bigotry.

    Apokraphyte, you’ve hit the nail on the head yet again. You know too much my friend. And that poem… Sage or spook, sage or spook… 🙂

  4. Sage or spook? Hmmm … Well, let me say this: I have just finished a book on something called “bi-cultural brokers.” I don’t know what exactly those are, but that is what I want to be when I grow up. Of course, as a rigidly-dogmatic Marxist, I don’t believe in culture. So I guess one could say I am pursuing my own obsolescence … Is that a profession … ?

  5. apokraphyte, i know many who are professionally obsolete. in fact, i’m likely to join their ranks very soon… as for bi-cultural broker, i think that means yoghurt-maker in layman’s speak. good for you. maybe the key to a real future for humankind is the elimination of indigestion. but I’d recommend you go tri-cultural broker & include acidophilus, bifidus & casei…& no, i’m not on the payroll of a nsw dairy farmer…after that little diversion, sage or spook? out with it apokraphyte!

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