A Modest Proposal …

All know that not-so-peculiar Lebanese prelidiction of plastering the image of one’s favorite demagogue wherever one can, but what about one’s foreign sponsor?

Hizbullah, which takes arms and money from Iran, has the decency of erecting an homage to Khomeini here and there. But a similar graciousness seems lacking from the March 14 kleptocrats. As they are taking arms and money from you know who, it seems high time we see more of this in downtown Beirut:


5 Replies to “A Modest Proposal …”

  1. The King of Saudi Arabia ought to get some credit given the cash the Saudis have dispensed.

    From far away in America it looks (given the reports I have seen) like Hizballah will be the new government of Lebanon. Well – actually they have been the government de facto since last summer.

  2. Simon get lost. There is no way the Hezb will govern Lebanon, this is not even a remote possibility. If you could know better you would know that Lebanon cannot be governed by one single Lebanese party.

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