la misère humaine
dans une crinière dégarnie
la misère humaine
dans l’espérance rabougrie
la misère humaine
dans la faute des autres
les erreurs de ceux qui n’ont pas compris
la misère humaine
dans l’asphalte encore brûlant
des combats absurde
qui traduisent à ciel ouvert
la misère humaine
dans mes poumons encore chaud
sur le roc qui bât la mesure


4 Replies to “”

  1. Alright…I was impressed!!!
    the demonstrations where of utmost poise and class , I never thought I would say this, but congrats to hizballah for keeping the peace and doing it with style.
    I know this is farfetched, but I would like to see some positive words from the M14 on a demonstration well handled.
    Since they preach about civil democracy all the time.
    This opportunity should be used buy the M14 to show poise and confidence on their behalf and use it to plant one of many seeds for talks.

    PS: khalsouna ba2a,I need to go down to lebanon!!!

  2. That was written 5 years ago (at least). But I found it while ordering my files.. merci callipyge.

    There are no more poets. Only exercises of expression. 🙂

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