Phone politics

Again I have learned from sources close to the prime minister’s office (of course I might be making this up… but maybe not, and anyway this is what I have heard) that Siniora was seriously considering his resignation 2 days ago when repetitive phone calls from the american ambassador urged him not to do so.
If it is Washington who is making the calls in this critical time it could strongly support Bech’s argument that they seriously tend towards federalising Lebanon by promoting internal tensions. Another interpretation could be that they are desperately trying to hang on to their allied government despite it’s hopeless situation. We all remember that in the first days of the “July War” Washington issued a statement supporting Israeli actions as long as they did not “threaten the stability of Siniora’s governement”. Again we have a strange similarity to Iraq where the US supports Al-Maliki despite the choas spreading throughout the country.
Thankfully we have not yet reached this point in Lebanon but if Siniora persists in maintaining his position we might soon get dangerously close to it.


7 Replies to “Phone politics”

  1. about numbers… the large gathering on 14th of march 05 was calculated by lebanese specialists. there were 450.000 people that day. that’s the utmost capacity of the Martyrs square and the parking plots surrounding it. the riad el solh square is half that size.

  2. explosive situation? lebanon has always been the best place for provocations in the near and middle east. all foreign countries have their “champs” here. the assassination of the moderate gemayel son seems to me like a direct path for the extreme rightist wing’s domination. the situation is indeed explosive. let’s hope nasrallah and aoun can keep their followers wise and calm…

  3. Nasserallah and Syria/Iran will end up owning Lebanon.

    There will be war against Israel until Israel or Lebanon is destroyed.

    I’m betting on the destruction of Lebanon since Hizb has no offensive power. They can’t take ground and do not hold it well.

    The Lebanese people are ecstatic at the prospects and look forward to the benevolent government of Hizballah/Syria/Iran.

  4. Simon as usual you are delirious.
    You should honestly stop worrying about Lebanese politics that you understand absolutely nothing about. You are completely off the point.
    Please stop polluting our blog.

  5. Good post, but I think it is not the Americans forcing him to remain, but rather Siniora being worried that he will be hung out to dry by the Americans … Thus he needs reassurances from mssr. feltman that he has not been asked to walk the plank … It is a slight distinction, but a distinction, nonetheless …

    We will we have a post on the latest “Royal” pain in Lebanon’s ass … ?

  6. Hey David,
    yeah it could be working both ways. But in the account I received Siniora was REALLY considering resignation. I think that would have been (and still is) a smart thing for him to do.

    As for the “Royal” visitations, I was thinking about it, but I really thing there is absolutely nothing there except self-publicity and the usual political blabla…

  7. I dont know … I like the idea that french candidates now have to compete for the affections of their former subjects … Whomever will Gemayel support, Le Pen or Royal …? 😉

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