The internal front

In august after the ceaze-fire I had the chance to hear some very concrete informations from sources close to the prime-minister and his government. It looked pretty bad and it was easy to predict an upcoming civil war from there. Apparently the ones who quickly activated a “hidden agenda” where naturally the Americans: when they agreed to the 1701 resolution they made it very clear to their allies in Lebanon that after the failure of the external front against Hizbullah they would activate the “internal” front. A few well placed phone calls left no choice to the March 14 lot that they would have to deal with the Hizb on their own where the Israelis had left things standing. Despite the very critical situation we where left with the Americans want to reach Syria and Iran through their so-called Lebanese satellite (the Hezb) and gave their boys (Geagea, Joumblatt, Siniora, Moawad…) a timeline even if this meant an implosion of the country. I couldn’t get more detailed info about this timeline.

Looking at Lebanon’s political life for the last few month it is easy to see why toppling the government was so crucial to the party of Change and Reform. Yesterday’s assassination seems to clearly fit this “internal” front at a crucial moment, clearly the government is the one highly benefiting from it, it is one more step towards the enacting of this “hidden agenda” to weakening the Hizb and their Christian allies and ultimately push them out of power and possibly out of existence. It is not surprising that Saad Hariri had no doubt that the Syrians did it just a few seconds after the crime, equally John Bolton at the UN among many others.


3 Replies to “The internal front”

  1. “I could’t get more detailed info about this timeline.”

    Please inform us when you get it. The country is depending on you. I can put you in contact with my neighbour who is in direct link with the russians. He maybe help and you will surely understand each others…


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