What will the Gemayel assassination do?

1- It will make both parties even more divided

2- It will strengthen the current government (as being under attack)

3- It will push more and more towards the idea that an international tribunal is necessary

4- It will create restraint in the ranks of Hizbullah and Tayyar

5- It will alienate another segment of the Christian population to pull out of Tayyar

6- It can reinforce the specter of federalism

7- It can keep Israel out of the picture for a while

In general, think of any assassination in Lebanon (and elsewhere for that matter) in terms of how much division it can create, and who profits from these divisions.


21 Replies to “What will the Gemayel assassination do?”

  1. You guys are brilliant. Bravo. Keep it up.

    I can say that many of the things you’ve said on this blog are a carbon copy of my unexpressed thoughts!

  2. Israel was never Lebanon’s real enemy.

    Boosting Hizballah this past summer has emboldened Syria.

    As you know, I counseled supportring Israel against Hizballah and Syria this past summer. Instead you supported them against Israel, strengthening their political positiion.

    This is the result.

    As usual every country gets the government they deserve. May you enjoy your new masters.


    As one wag put it: Every country has an army. Its own or some one elses.

  3. “what will the gemayel…” part II

    1.will spinney’s or any other shopping malls be still open on sunday?

    2.I hope they don’t close the road to Faraya or something, there’s a hell of a party this week-end, and Melinda will be there.

    3. should i get rid of my beard? I think Melinda likes it when I’m shaved.

    4. why is that guy with a jesus christ tattoo looking at me like this?

  4. Israel was never Lebanon’s real enemy.
    Oh, believe me, we can TELL.

    Instead you supported them against Israel, strengthening their political positiion.
    How did this assassination boost HezbAllah’s position? Or Syria’s for that matter? I am yet to see one reasonable explanation.

  5. anarch, if you’re looking to m.simon for reason, you’re looking in all the wrong places my friend. m.simon collects scraps from the butcher shop & tries to flog them on remarkz – his specialty is tripe…

  6. the only missing part is the conclusion of your points. I guess it must be Amine who masterminded the killing with Bush and Olmert right Mr Genius? As much as Hariri Jr killed his father. YOU ARE A GENIUS INDEED. Thanks.

    I think I pity you in the end.

  7. I don’t have conclusions yet. I take time time to draw conclusions unlike you. But I try to explain the logical consequences of such an act. I am here to know things not to blindly point fingers.

    Try to question what I am saying instead of playing the blame game. Then we’ll see if you did understand anything.

    Something you should learn from instead of pitying uselessly from your pedestal.

  8. By the way Ramzi (and this is the last time I try to help), if you read Amin Gemayel himself, then you’ll see that he would agree with me more than you do! dig habibi dig..

  9. Ramzi, how on earth did you arrive to that “conclusion”? Who was implying that Amine killed his son?? Quit taking this off-topic. If you have no point to make it’s better if you shut up and observe rather than prematurely utter idiotic remarks. The more you do the latter, the more you prove to us the extent of your desperation and the pathetic state of your “movement”.

  10. Ramzi,

    You are going too far and this from someone who appreciates your perspective. Do we understand WWI by figuring out who killed Archduke Ferdinand or by looking at its effect on various structural realities and subsequent events?

    Your pity is unwanted and unjustified and a bit bewildering given the sensitivity and intellectual quality of the musings on your blog on matters unrelated. We are merely trying to locate events so that we might understand them.

    You are free to continue to pigeonhole bech into intellectual and political categories, but those who read this blog (yes, all two and a half of them) will see these efforts as somewhat desperate and fruitless.

    Despite all of that, I hope you continue to comment where you see fit. While I always appreciate your perspective, the form and tone of your comments are sometimes quite disappointing.

    be well …

  11. “In general, think of any assassination in Lebanon (and elsewhere for that matter) in terms of how much division it can create, and who profits from these divisions.”

    Now simon, take THAT and the above text within that post and read it over and over and over again. Until you have it memorized.

    Remember to connect the dots if you can:

    Lebanese dissention, fighting, civil war = a weakened Lebanon = RIPE pickings for ‘israel’ when the moment is HOT.

    If things don’t go according to plan or a quickening is needed?

    Another dot connection:

    Plan an assassination via Mossad.

    Is any of this front page news or a climbing hot topic on the networks of the N.A. Media?


    Does most of the North American public even KNOW of the Mossad?


    More dots to connect for you:

    Arab lands, water, oil, electricity, expansive plantings of ever more USA/israeli Military Posts firmly on Arab land, a pipeline needed for poor Leech ‘israel’ which needs to be built through Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and on to Turkey.

    Now, I may be wrong with some of the geography, but the spirit of the content is right on.

    Amazing how you little zionist pug thugs get to wag your little crooked fingers and say nah nah nah and get away with it.

  12. You side with Hizballah against Israel and now Hizballah thinks they own you.

    On 17 Nov ’06, Hizb promised to bring down the government any way it could. Not by votes or any way that is normal in a parliamentary democracy (no confidence vote). Nope. Any way they could.

    Better if Israel had done more damage to Hizb this past summer.

    I fear that all that is left for Lebanon is civil war or submission to the Hizb. Encouraging the Israelis to further clobber the Hizb might have prevented the current situation.

    Heck, even enforcing 1701 would have helped.

    Well you folks know Lebanon better that I ever will. I hope you get what you want. Past performace does not encourage hope, however.

  13. Rhiannon,

    If the past is any guide it will be Syria that does the picking.

    As far as I can tell the last few Israeli Governments have lost interest in occupation. Not so Syria.

    Hizb is Syria’s cats paw in Lebanon.

    I’d say Syria was behind the destabilization. Not a new tactic for them. Not new at all.

    But fine, overlook the obvious. No problem. You will have to live with the consequences.

    If Hizb and Syria get the upper hand expect a new war with Israel within a year of their coup.

    When you folks are more afraid of Israel then Hizb it seems to me you have given up on democracy. When and who voted for Hizb to provoke Israel last summer? No one? And you are not up in arms about that? And would prefer to blame the Israelis over Hizb?

    OK. You have accepted Hizb as the new government of Lebanon. Gonna be some fun, no?

  14. WHY should Hezbollah concern YOU so much? Why do YOU care what Hezbollah does with Lebanon? You’re like a nosy little busy body who can’t mind its own business.

    Are you saying I should side with ‘israel”?

    Did you just say “if ‘israel’ had done more damage to Hezbollah….?

    Was that a deathwish for yourself? A threat to Lebanon? Or some sick twisted Zionist notion that Lebanon would have been better off had the sociopathic IOF murdered hundreds MORE Lebanese children and babies.

    Baby, you WANT that civil war in Lebanon and YOU WANT IT BADLY. You want the Lebanese Christians and Muslims to hate and fight each other just like you’re getting the Shia and Sunni in Iraq to MURDER EACH OTHER.

    It doesn’t matter what little dissensions that go on between the Christians and Muslims, between the Sunnis and the Shias, between Lebanon and Syria, between this politician and that politician – IT DOESN’T MATTER.

    And it NEVER SHOULD HAVE MATTERED – certainly not to ‘israel’ and certainly not to the world.

    But ‘israel’ and USA Zionists – like the mad tyrants that they are – just LOVE TO STIR THE POT so as to turn minor conflicts of a benign and harmless country like Lebanon into HUGE INSANITIES that the world must stand to attention and say:

    “Gee, can’t those dumb Arabs get along?”

    Furthermore, we have the occupied Zionist media with its LIES, MANIPULATIONS and INSINUATIONS:
    ‘The Arabs are pushing this or that into the sea!”
    “the “jihadists” [ a word invented by the Zionist media- gee thanks] are going to take over the world!”
    “Suicide bombers are crazy murderous monsters!”
    “Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine created 9-11!”

    You want the civil war in Lebanon SO BAD you can taste the Arab blood on your lips and tongue. You can’t wait to plant your stinking feet and asses on more stolen Arab land and consume more stolen Arab natural resources – WATER, ELECTRICITY, GAS, OIL.

    The Zionists bellies are HUNGRY at this phase of the game. And I must say all those resources and land must taste pretty good with all that Arab blood.

    You hope we get what we want? Aw, so sweet and I am touched.

    And you’re RIGHT.

    The past performance of ‘israel’s “neigbhourly” actions against Lebanon – (NOT Hezbollah – cuz “Israel” doesn’t give a damn about Hezbollah) – certainly leaves much to be desired and certainly does not ENCOURAGE HOPE for Lebanon let alone the rest of the world.

    The LEAST ‘israel’ could do is pay for the coffins for the thousands of funerals IT created and is still creating right now – TODAY.

  15. Simon, like most Zionists, all your points are BACKWARDS.

    Here are some CORRECTIONS:

     If the past is any guide IT WILL BE ‘ISRAEL’ –USA that does the picking.

     It is USA-‘israel’ that is behind the destabilization. Not a new tactic for them. Not new at all. Shades of Iraq, Palestine, past Lebanon, South America, and Africa.

    Now let us look deep into the heart of what Zionism and a Mean-spirited Zionists are really all about:

    If Hezbollah and Syra get the upper hand? Only the Zionists paint these two together in a most demonic and hateful brush. Wish you guys would make up your mind. Did Hezbollah kill Gemayel or did Syria? Otherwise it is foolish to pull these two apart and paste them back together, isn’t it?

    Therefore what you say is absurd as ISRAEL not Syria had more to gain from the latest assassination as ‘israel’ had MUCH to gain from the assassination of Hariri. Not Syria. Especially not Syria.

    Only in the Zionist House of Horrors can we expect ridiculous manipulations of facts and fabrications mashed together in one sentence or paragraph.

    Expect a new war with ‘israel’ within a year of their coup?

    Would it matter? I’m sure ‘israel’ will “plant” more reasons for “war” against Lebanon, regardless of what Hezbollah or Syria or the Martians from outer space decide to do. The Arab blood of Children sure does taste good to ‘israel’, doesn’t it?

    When us folks are more afraid of ‘israel than Hezbollah then we have given up on democracy?

    So what you’re saying is for Lebanon to go quietly into that good night, get massacred in massive numbers by ‘israel’ and Shut up, because the Good Book tells us so. Right? Let’s put to death Hezbollah and Hamas and any freedom fighting fledglings who might be starting up and give our Lebanese souls to “israel’ the so-called “chosen” because the land supposedly belongs the this sick twisted and fabricated “chosen”.


    Did you know?

    That chosen rhymes with FROZEN?

  16. Why should I care about Hizb?

    Well they are rearming for a new go at Israel.

    A lot of Lebanese are going to get killed.

    I’d rather not see that.

    The fall of any democracy retards the advance of liberty.

    I’d rather not see that.

    Hizb/Syria will govern through murder and fear.

    I’d rather not see that.

    People who do not subscribe to Islam will become second class citizens.

    I’d rather not see that.

    Syria will bleed Lebanon economically as well as politically.

    I’d rather not see that.


  17. There are, even today, significant numbers of Jewish rabbis who are hotly anti-Zionist, but most Christians never hear their voices.

    For example, Dr. Israel Shahak, emeritus professor of organic chemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem until his death, had long been an advocate of human rights for Palestinian people.

    He was the founder of the Israeli League of Human Rights. He wrote a letter published by the London Times on Jan. 27, 1973 entitled, “A Jewish Duty or Jewish Apostasy?”

    “I am a Jew living in Israel, and consider myself a law-abiding citizen. I serve in the army every year, in spite of being nearly forty years old. But I am not ‘devoted’ to the State of Israel or to any other state or human organization.

    I am devoted to my ideals. I believe in speaking the truth and in doing something for securing justice and equality for all human beings. . .

    “But to be devoted to the State? I can well imagine Amos or Isaiah splitting their sides with laughter if somebody had demanded of them to be ‘devoted’ to the Kingdom of Israel or the Kingdom of Judah.

    ‘Hate evil and love good and establish judgment in the gate,’ says Amos (Chapter 5, verse 15), who does not spare a word of devotion to the great-warlike and successful Kingdom of Israel of his times.

    “In fact, this new doctrine preached as a Jewish duty, is nothing but Jewish apostasy. All Jews used to believe and say it three times a day, that a Jew should be devoted to God, and God alone.

    A small minority still believes it. But it seems to me that the majority of my people has left God, and has substituted an idol in its place, exactly as happened when they were so devoted to the Golden Calf in the desert that they gave away their gold to make it.

    The name of this modern idol is the State of Israel.”

  18. You’ve got your points all mixed up again. Here I will help you:

    Why should I care about ‘israel’?

    Well they are rearming for a new go at Lebanon as ‘IT’ has done hundreds of times against Palestine.

    A lot of Lebanese are going to get killed. YES!

    The fall of any democracy retards the advance of liberty – and so it goes with ‘israel’.

    ‘israel’ is not a society based on democracy while Lebanon is. Lebanon is by far more a democracy than ‘israel’ could ever hope to dream of becoming.

    ‘israel has, does, and will govern through murder and fear.

    People who are not ‘jewish’ in ‘israel’ have, do, and will become second class citizens.

    ‘israel’ has, does, and will bleed Lebanon economically as well as politically.

    BUT SADLY I THINK YOU WOULD LIKE SEEING THIS. And I am so sorry for your lack of consciencness and humanitarian goodness.

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