The danger in how you get the information

Funny how the way the media bring a news to me shock me much more than the news itself.
“Prominent anti-Syrian figure killed” is one of the titles referring to Pierre Gemayel. First of all he’s not prominent and this is a key information, also, he is many other things apart from the fact that he is anti-Syrian.
Or let’s say they don’t state it in the title but they work their first sentence this way:

Lebanese Christian minister Pierre Gemayel, an outspoken critic of Syria, was assassinated near Beirut on Tuesday, security sources said.

Then comes the political background, and this is key to completely bias the information:

Lebanon is in the throes of a political storm pitting the anti-Syrian ruling majority against the pro-Damascus opposition. The political tension threatens to spill into street confrontations.

So this is it? Is this a good depiction of the real political dynamics plaguing the country? That’s all you learned? A pro-Syrian against an anti-Syrian?

What would you say if I reworked this text and would have read the information this way:

Christian Lebanese minister PG, a recent adherent to the group labeled as the 14th of March made up of heteroclite sectarian feudal and/or warlords, and oligarchs has been assassinated.

And then, the backgrounder would read:

Sectarian sensitivities have been on the rise lately in Lebanon. Two coalition of confessional groups have been confronting each other. The recent so-called “dialogue talks” have apparently stopped because of disagreement over the proper way of handling key security issues.

And then there will be more details on the assassination, maybe more background on the state of affairs in the country, and the political behavior of each group. But this whole primitive categorization of pro and anti-Syrian should stop. Stop scapegoating, whatever you think or do, you will never stop reality: It is only the Lebanese who provokes deadlocks and not outside powers. Oustide powers provide platforms and momentum not more not less. Some actors are trying to get the country on the brink of collapse, and if you want to find out who, then think of the interests at stake.


3 Replies to “The danger in how you get the information”

  1. Geagea should be arrested and investigated!!! He obviously knows something, and that something is more than just about where one can buy Dufour licorice candies in Lebanon!!! Why is this guy going around, where are the “security” services? How come a politician has more information about it than the “security” services?

    And why are the people so dumb to filing behind these people AGAIN?! Can’t they see it??! Could it be any clearer than this????

  2. Lol, get real, would you?
    Whoever committed the crime was hoping for a bloody day today but it didn’t happen … thanks to the Lebanese people and only Lebanese people, it didn’t happen.

    Can’t *you* see it? Could it be any clearer than *this*?


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