More cluster news

We have to be greatful to Haaretz for staying on top of our cluster news sources. They aknowledge that there is:

hundreds of thousands of unexploded bomblets throughout southern Lebanon, which endanger the lives of residents and block farmers from working their land.

and provide these devastating informations directly from IDF millitary sources:

According to testimony of an MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) battery commander, MLRS rockets were heavily used, even though they are known to be very inaccurate; the rockets may deviate up to 1,200 meters from their target and a substantial percentage of the bomblets are known not to explode, thus becoming mines. In light of this, most experts view cluster ammunitions to be “non-discerning” weapons prohibited for use in a civilian environment.

and here is the best part:

According to the officer, in order to compensate for the rockets’ lack of precision, they were told to “flood” the area with them

Great!!! Exhilerating!!!!! If you are not sure to hit your target, then shoot everything in a 1200 square meter area around it and you will be sure to reach it among the lot, these are the beautiful modern army lessons of post-Geneva convention regulations.
Still the article has good news: these where all fired without Halutz’s consent, he is still our regular “good guy” in our ongoing hollywood movie being shot at the UN and has decided to open an internal (what a surprise??!!??) investigation inside his staff to seek out the responsable “bad guy”.


2 Replies to “More cluster news”

  1. Great follow up article Rambler 🙂
    I think I was equally “amused” myself by Halutz’s denials.
    I’m leaving home but will be back in a little more than a week.
    Take care.

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