Divine messages

Apparently, Jesus has asked a group of Christians leaded by a priest to go and to tell the Shiites in Baalbeck that they love them (because Jesus says that you should love the “other”) and care for them, especially after what happened during the war:

اتينا الى بعلبك لنمد ايدينا الى اخوتنا الشيعة، لنقول لهم نحبكم، نحن هنا لان السيد المسيح طلب منا ذلك، وطلب أن نكون رسل محبة نمد ايدينا لاخوتنا من اي طائفة. المسيحية هي انفتاح على الآخر، وجئنا لزيارتكم بعد مرحلة عصيبة مررتم بها في 12 تموز، وما اصابكم اصابنا وما آلمكم آلمن

These people are crazy! Don’t they know about Hizbullah’s long term program of “islamizing” the country? Don’t they know about Hizbullah’s “higher aims”? Plus, all these Shiites are just suckers to these plans… One should know better I can tell you that…


6 Replies to “Divine messages”

  1. Let Hezbollah change its name to Hezb3alam then.
    I’ll never trust a party with God or Allah or Jesus or Xenu in
    Or the United Atheist Alliance.
    Or Unified Atheist League.
    Or Sea Otters

    Seriously, mere mortals like me with short-sighted political views may not have a grasp on this party’s hidden greatness but are entitled to expect that the DECENCY of an effing name-change is not out of line. Show me you put the Lebanese above God and then we’ll talk.

  2. The question is not to trust the Hezb or to be affiliated to them but rather to understand the reasons and meaning of its existence. This should eventually lead to clearing a large amount of disinformation that surrounds them.

  3. That’s a fair thing to do. I try to understand reasons for a lot of things that happened in history, whether it’s Tien an Men or the Bush reelection.
    Ok, so after we understand the reasons and meanings, what do we do?

  4. well understanding is a political act in itself. Once you understand, you don’t have the same worries. You don’t have the same fears.

    And for now it seems that you have them so it means you still did not understand (pertaining to Hizbullah of course).

    What to do next? Well i would say live and let live. Of course depending on what you do, who you are and where you are, you take part in the social and political process along with others through the various activities you entertain.

  5. That’s easier said than done.
    I can understand Hillary and Sarkozy and yet would not sleep well at night if either of these creeps made it to power.

    What you seem to advocate is a certain type of detachment that I feel incapable of achieving at the moment. To be quite frank, it also sounds like the way people talk about accepting the reality of death and living a better life because they understand that they cannot do anything about it anyway. I’m still at the stage where this type of rhetoric sounds defeatist to me.
    Onward to enlightenment, I guess.

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