Shoot! Pellegrini, shoot!!!

For the third time since september the French contingent of the FINUL came close to opening fire on Israeli airplanes. Again French general Alain Pellegrini “firmly protested against this to the Israeli authorities”. On that day (november 17th)there where 14 air raids above Lebanese territories, 11 of which passed above arias controlled by the French forces. Of course Israel refused to stop these flights, despite defense minister Alliot-Marie’s strong anger in front of the National Assembly and the UN’s support (including the US it seems!!) to the French protest. The Israeli ambassador in france spoke with a very friendly voice to explain that their actions where “misinterpreted” and that in no way does the IAF want to attack ot threaten the FINUL, but only to collect information on Hezbollah’s movements and weapon smuggling.

We all know that Israel does not want to attack the French or the Germans, this would seem obvious to anyone with a regular operational cognitive system but is this the real issue here? The real issue is the daily breaches to the 1701 resolution. It seems Israel as usual has a special right to ignore principles it had previously agreed upon. They should have at least asked for a special amendment to 1701 allowing them to operate surveillance flights above Lebanese soil so that everything would have been clear. The worse is that this could be happening: the UN is now studying an extension of it’s mission to air control which would highly benefit the Israelis since they would still collect the info without having to pay for the raids. Seems they can play with the UN and FINUL as if they where their own private domestic puppets.

One of the reinforced FINUL’s purpose is to “control the cessation of hostilities”. Could you imagine Hezbollah making one false move without being immediately punished? Or even the Lebanese army? It is clear to me that the daily air raids that go all the way up to Beirut fit the definition of “hostile” completely so please, shoot! Pellegrini, shoot!!!


6 Replies to “Shoot! Pellegrini, shoot!!!”

  1. Pellegrini knows better. He will not shoot for a simple reason that he knows the Israelis will not attack. If he does… it will be the end of UNIFIL ij Lebanon, I guarantee it.

  2. The UNFIL mission is supposed to prevent the rearming the of Hizballah.

    I guess they are doing a good job all around.

    No worries about the French taking a shot. They would rather surrender first.

  3. Part of the UNIFIL mission is to ensure that UNSC 1701 is properly implemented. That includes making sure Israel doesn’t violate Lebanese air space.

    Of course that also includes that the two Israeli soldiers held captive are promptly returned to Israel and therein lies one of the true purposes of the overflights: To maintain a certain level of pressure on the Lebanese and the UN while the soldiers are still captive. Mind you, secret negotiations are on-going on teh status of both Lebanese and Israeli prisoners, so there are obviously other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

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