The Iraqi syndrome

For sure Saddam Hussain should be judged for his actions and the assassins of Hariri should be brought to trial but is this what is really happening?
Lets think about it for a minute: Bush should also be judged for his direct or indirect responsability in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan, even New Orleans. Blair should also be held accountable as an accomplice as well as Putin for his crimes in Tchetchnia. Olmert would already have a hard time if it wasn’t for John “guardian angel” Bolton. Sharon would have almost been there if Hobeika had lived an additional week to fly to Brussels… the list is long, as we live in a world with an extendable ambivalent definition of “rogue states“.

In Iraq there are daily slaughters that add to the astronomic number of victims since the American invasion, the whole country is on the brink of terminal chaos and heads towards a federation based on religious divisions that will not solve the problems, but instead create new ones that will bring about horrendous tensions for generations to come. Instead of cleaning up their mess the americans are more concerned in condemning Saddam to death for the murder of 148 villagers 24 years ago(!!!). The purpose is not really to bring about justice to Iraq, in truth after this crime the americans still supported and armed him in his war against Iran. The real purpose is to falsely legitimate the so-called principals of “freedom & democracy” that would justify their invasion to the average GOP follower who will feel safer when he goes to sleep at night. On the local level it will stir up confessional divisions among Iraqis and move everybody closer to the federalist plans for the “New Middle-East”.

What is Saddam’s trial worth in regard to the real problems the Irakis are now facing? Probably something close to nothing.
Here is the syndrome: we trial a criminal with a highly paradoxical court, we choose the worst possible moment, we create antagonism and lead to an aggravation of the civil war and a step towards the federation.

In Lebanon we are heading towards the same issues: the murder of Hariri is about to be settled by an international court following an international investigation. Are we so blind to still believe that “international” here means “independent”?
In the “July War”, “international” meant implicit complicity in the crimes against Lebanese infrastructure that affected the entire population, it meant the crimes of Qana and several other villages, it meant the murder of more than a thousand Lebanese citizens and injuries to another thousand, it meant leaving a million homeless and pollution of sea and soil. It also meant unspoken psychological trauma to another million who had to suffer daily air raids and sounds of 2 ton bomb explosions. In failing to halt these crimes the international “community” is directly responsible for them, and specially the USA who have purposefully delayed an early halt to the hostilities. Lets face it, the Hariri trial is theirs, it is one more scheme in their “New Middle-East” plan (weakening Syria & Iran, promoting religious tensions), otherwise it would simply not happen. Lets not forget that our current government is headed by a former Hariri employee, who would have already lost all popular credibility if it wasn’t for a few well placed tears that mystified our judgement. He is acting under direct American pressure and even did the historical mistake of receiving Blair in his office despite the latter’s support to Israeli actions.

Furthermore it is no coincidence that we hear talks about civil war and federalism (also a great outlook on this subject to be found here) again at this precise moment. We are victims of an Iraqi syndrome and are totally blind to it. We are also facing much wider stakes after this summer’s events that deeply affect our future and the very existence of our country as we know it.
In Saddam’s case as in Hariri’s we do not have true humanistic trials as some of us would like to think but totally politicised ones that have the exact opposite effect to what justice is supposed to be.


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