Palestinian embassy in Lebanon

Something largely went unnoticed in the press that is of huge importance was the plan to open a Palestinian embassy in Lebanon. I can’t really find anything relevant on the subject for now. Please send links you think are interesting on the subject. All I have here is Lahoud not being happy about it for obvious reasons.
I don’t know what repercussions this would have on the status of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.


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  1. Thanks for the link, I can’t figure out what is at stake because i can’t understand who is pushing for the creation of a Palestinian embassy. this “head of the Lebanese portion of the Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue committee Ambassador Khalil Makkawi”, who is he? Who is he working for? I have no clue.

    Basically if there are Americans involved then it’s a set up pushing for settlement. Let’s not forget the US ambassador Feltman previous post in Palestinian occupied areas involved planning for Palestinian refugee settlement questions.

    Will try to dig more into it.

  2. With the Syrian departure and the attendant security vacuum, new arrangements had to be reached in the camps and thus different Lebanese parties have been reaching out to Palestinian factions to reach new arrangements and agreements — for example Hizb and the PSP on work rights.

    I dont think the embassy means anything.

  3. you may be right, but i think there inter-Palestinian conflict within camps (hamas-plo & other groups as wel depending on camps) and you have certain palestinian parties that are ready to compromise with an American solution (PLO) provided they get a workable solutions.

    This can put strains on the alrady exploding situation in the country, thus rendering the whole partition option more plausible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the LF people are betting on that.

    A sort of, take the Sunnis and let’s partition. It is in this sense that Hizbullah as a Shiite group can be seen as the biggest enemy towards Palestinian settlement.

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