More clusters = more savings

In this Haaretz article you can learn that Israel had safer homemade cluster bombs that would not run the risk of remaining unexploded, thus saving lives of civilians who would run upon them after the conflict ends. Yet it used the cheaper version supplied by the USA. Why? Simple:

Israel uses military aid funds to purchase cluster bombs from the U.S., and in order to buy IMI-made bombs, the Israel Defense Forces would have to dip into its own budget.

So no need to sue them on this issue they where not really trying to hit all these civilian victims but only to make a few well earned economies in a time of budgetary restrictions.
This is a new version of israeli’s “right to kill” after the Beit Hanoun “mistake” that made the object of a 4th US veto at the UN’s attempt to ease violence in the Middle-East. No wonder Hamas is trying to heavily arm itself if no one on the planet can ever concretely interceed in their favor.


3 Replies to “More clusters = more savings”

  1. this article in Jpost about an “honor killing” in which a son killed his 2 sisters and tried to kill a third. I suggest that the core of Arab anger is because they are stuck with these ancient sexist/racist practices that make them very angry.
    Mother sentenced for honor killings

    The Jerusalem District Court sentenced a woman to 15 years in prison for her role in the honor killings of her own two daughters, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.

    The court found the woman assisted in creating the conditions that allowed for the murder of her daughters, and that she held the arms of a third daughter that was attacked by her own brother.

    “The way to bring an end to killing in the name of a family’s honor is education and the establishment of a center for battered women,” the judges wrote in the sentence.

    The court did not accept the defense’s argument to overturn the conviction in that it identified as being ingrained with a racist message towards Arabs.

    According to court testimonies, in April 2005 one of the daughters – who at the time was nine months pregnant – ran away from her husband. The husband had suspected her of having an intimate relationship with his uncle, and according to the husband’s testimony, there was doubt to who was the father of the unborn child. He said the alleged affair is considered among the most dishonorable transgressions in traditional Arab culture.

    When the daughter arrived to her parent’s home in east Jerusalem, her father allegedly instructed her brother to kill the pregnant woman, for the sake of the honor of the family name.

    The father allegedly told the son not to harm the two sisters that had been confided in and kept secret the scandalous affair. Nevertheless, the brother allegedly decided to kill all three women. A few days later, he arrived to their home and offered them cups of acids, which he requested they drink voluntarily so that he would be not implicated in murder.

    Two of the three women drank the poison, but the third refused, so the brother forced her to drink it while choking her, simultaneously. The mother held her daughter’s arms, who survived despite severe injuries.

  2. Thanks anon, I recently read an article about an american family eating cheeseburgers and suddenly the concomittant US flatulence in foreign affairs made a lot of sense. I also heard that an Israeli schoolchild picked on one of his classmates a few days ago and well now I really, really understand the Israeli strategy in Lebanon this summer. Thanks again.

  3. And the israeli president is being sued for rape… does that prove anything?
    I don’t think so.
    Bech I think it would be good to erase this kind of anonymous racist comments.

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