History repeats itself

Everytime Hezbollah or Shi’as in general are mentionned in international press their has to be a sentence that follows saying “backed by Syria & Iran” in case we have forgotten this powerful fact. Even in these days when dealing with purely internal Lebanese issues pertaining to the legitimacy of our governement this sentence has to be well featured (it’s all over I won’t bother with links). What this implies is quite obvious, it is that they do not really represent Lebanon like the so-called “majority” of Siniora. There is also no point in saying something like “backed by Washington & London” everytime we mention this majority since we all know these decision makers may only act selflessly in the highest interests of our country.
Siniora even has the guts to warn us against the “tyranny of minority” when speaking of Shi’ite’s current exit from governement and opposition to the Hariri international court. He can also freely quote “democracy” while it is quite obvious that his cabinet is all but democratic: capable of taking decisions that excludes an entire portion of the population when Shi’as, in a recurring historical fashion, are left aside and the main Christian leader (Aoun) has no representatives in it.
He can brag about having 70% of the parliement but some of us may remember how they litteraly bought the elections (images of trucks with millions of dollars in cash driving to Tripoli for so-called charity purposes in the middle of election day).
These are crucial issues, if there is one thing we should have learned from our recent past it is that we pay a tough price on the long run from casting a specific religion aside from our political decisions, but no, we just keep repeating the same mistakes.
Judging Hariri’s killers seem to have more importance then Lebanese unity, and to who’s benefit?


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