The Nameless Dead of Gaza

Do you know their names? Will anyone serve 27+ years for their murder?

What will peace mean to him from this day on?


12 Replies to “The Nameless Dead of Gaza”

  1. Untill there’s justice, there will be no peace…

    Asides from that, I think I’m beginning to hate the word “peace”! So ironic how a word, which is supposed to sound ‘positive’ can make one so angry..

  2. Yes Samia, I agree & that’s my point. The word “peace” became hollow when murderous doves & hawks (poor birds – what did they ever do to deserve humanity?) started brandishing it as a weapon against Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular while at the same time creating these bloody scenes on a daily basis. Crackpot diplomacy. And if it sounds more like “piss” than peace coming out of a few well-known mouths, that’s exactly what’s on offer. Forget about justice.

    Savonaroll, sic(k) it is, sans mistake, even if the IDF and world press are blaming an “errant shell”. Notice how Israel’s victims are always killed by shells, helicopter gunships and other inanimate objects, but Arab weapons don’t kill? Arab insurgents, Islamists, terrorists, militants do (or in most cases, don’t but nonetheless get the credit). Israeli killing is precision when its done with minimal press coverage, errant when they’re caught on camera. It’s all a well used formula that we’ll no doubt see again very soon. It’s so infuriating.

  3. In a war, never cry over the dead.

    Use them as propaganda.

    If dead people disturb you you can always end the war. If it is in your political power.

    BTW you will not get much help from America. They just wahed their hand of the Middle East.

    You guys are on your own. Good luck with the resistance. Hope it doesn’t cause a fire that will burn you to the ground.

    BTW since the world is an inherently usnjust place you are going to have a forever war. Given the militarization og Palestinian society I’d say you are well prepared for it.

    However, you are weak. You depend on the Israelis not using their full might on you. It might not be a good bet.

    Take what you can get. If history is any guide the next deal offered will be worse than the last.

  4. Hmmmm…
    Seems our friend simon has a hard time coping with the demise of his favorite party…
    Took a few years for most of america to wake up from its daydream. My guess would be Simon would need an additional century to say the least.

  5. “However, you are weak. You depend on the Israelis not using their full might on you.”

    Oh, sure.. we’re weak! Is that why Israel lost the war with Lebanon(according to Israeli officials, that is)? Was it because they “didn’t use their full might”? Thank you for clarifying that because I really was amazed at how the “mighty” Israeli army couldn’t achieve one single military goal in that war.

    Which planet are you from? 🙂

  6. ya samia

    if i may, a piece of advice:

    you need to give sources other than counter punch to convince this moron-simon that he is an arse not worth arguing with (… and this should not be too hard)

  7. savonaroll,

    Not my favorite party. For instance I often post this:

    Do Republicans support drug prohibition because it finances criminals or because it finances terrorists?

    Republican Socialism. Price supports for criminals and terrorists.

    And supply this link:

    Is Addiction Real?

    Not a Republican at all although they do get my vote from time to time.

    In any case the Democrat win means the people think the ME can not be fixed. The Palestinian “problem” has lost interest along with Iraq.

    The Gaza deal did it. You have the first fraction of a State and show the Americans a civil war and a lack of continuity with the previous government without even so much as a pariamentry refutation of previous agreements. i.e. it is an adhoc policy. In other words there is no Palestinian Official Government. Just who ever happens to be in power.

    I’d say you have been humiliating yourselves.

    Well, good luck with that.

  8. سامية,

    You are confusing military weakness with political weakness.

    Political weakness can change over night.

    The key here is that real countries have an air force.

    Great victory in Lebanon. By the UN. Because Hizballah did not force the Israelis out of Lebanon and they also refrained from breaking the truce in order to speed the Israelis out. Winniners usually do not avoid the use of arms. Israel taunted Hiz and told them they were willing to fight more now. The brave Hiz warriors declined.

    At the end of the war Israel was holdining Hiz territory. Hiz was holding none of Israel.

    The Israelis took the Litani in the last 48 hours after screwing around for a montth. i.e. they take what they want when they want. And then give it back because they have no use for it.

    I know how it is: Arabs/Moslems have won every war with Israel. You know ’48, ’57, ’67, ’73 etc. And after each great victory the deal Israel offers is worse than the deal offered before the war.

    So keep them victories coming.

    I hate to say it, but Arafat was right. If you could get a million people willing to be martyrs to non-violently protest the Israeli government the American pressure on Israel would be unstopable.

    Had Intifada II (which I call Stupidfada) been done that way you might get a lot of what you wanted. I suppose a lot was not enough. So be it.

    Hell, I was a supporter of the Palestinian cause in 2000. Not any more. The violence in fact has lost you a lot of American support. Probably for a decade or two. Way to go.

    In my estimation the Israeli plan is to keep you fighting them so they can squeeze you out. It looks like their plan is working.

    And America has washed its hands of the Middle East as of the most recent election.

  9. M.simon, you really are battling a primal urge to form a tribe with us aren’t you? We’re open-minded people (not to mention good-looking). You know, you can break out of the narrative you seem to have written for yourself. It’s all in your hands. Maybe you can even help us unlearn democracy so the likes of Hamas will never again be elected.

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