“Iraqi military on war footing”

Come again? Which military? And did I miss peace in the 5 minutes I wasn’t looking?

In news just in, the Butcher of Baghdad (not George W – the earlier model) has been sentenced to death by hanging. So, what the SMH meant by this absurd pre-sentencing headline is that the bloodbath that is Iraq is about to get deeper.

god help the Iraqi people. If you exist god, show yourself as something other than a schizophrenic catalyst for war.

Meanwhile in Waco, Texas, George W is digesting a meal of “enchiladas, tamales, guacamole, rice and beans and birthday cake” had last night in celebration of Laura’s birthday. Locals report record noxious gas levels not witnessed since Clinton’s (in)famous act of religious tolerance. You’ve been warned: Do not approach with flammable objects.


4 Replies to ““Iraqi military on war footing””

  1. if god existed, we’d all be in the same time-zone & I could reply instantly with this inane comment…no I couldn’t…OK god exists.

  2. Uh, Saddam intentionally murdered Iraqis.

    Bush II cannot prevent Iraqis from murdering each other.

    Seems like a big difference to me.

    BTW we are all in the same time zone. GMT. Use it.

  3. OK now that I know that I can reply to you instantly. You’re always so enlightening m.simon. Aren’t you going to flog ‘tribalism’? Do you need a better segue? Or are you breaking with tradition?

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