Fatfat in the line of fire

This reads: “Tea in Marjayoun; bullets and shame on the road to the airport”.


One Reply to “Fatfat in the line of fire”

  1. I have a feeling that more than 720 bullets will be used soon against “jeish elmahdi” in streets of beirut.. you know geagea and allies (sorry allies and their liitle screw geagea) wanna defend the republic and that won’t be done by throwing roses.
    march 14 is pretty damn sure that there will be escalations and fights in the upcomoing demonstrations. I wish they are very certain on how the bombs are moving from DT to marelias.. but oh, I forgot that marelias is located in “erreb3 elkhaleh”..

    what will fatfat/dr tea do? he will put another letter of information in drawwer added to the first so that he can manage to live LOL..

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