Saudi-Hizballah meeting

Finally, Al-Akhbar had an article on the Hizballah-Saudi meeting. It is the Saudi ambassador in Lebanon Abdel Aziz el Khawjeh who met with Sayyedna Hassan. It looks like the Saudis are looking to negotiate directly with the Hizb maybe because they are growing impatient with Hariri’s effort to find political compromise?

In any case it seems to be Ibrahim el Amine’s reading of the meeting of which details he claims to have from a Hizballah source. So quite naturally, he won’t have a story saying: Hizballah is trying to find compromise with regional players because they have grown impatient with local negotiations. And it may not be the case, but the point of all this is that whatever happens, foreign chancelleries will always have a role to play if these guys can’t find a compromise.

And the more the political deadlock will persist, the more regional and other non-Lebanese agents will try to find solutions that are more effective at getting things done. For example, the Israeli invasion in July-August became an imperative because the Americans grew impatient with the results of the ‘political-dialogue’. The government they have helped put in place did not deliver the goods.

The question is, what are the Saudis trying to get and what are they ready to do to get things done? Maybe Saudis are trying to beat the clock. They see naval military build up in the Persian Gulf and a political deadlock in Lebanon. And they don’t want to lose their ambassadors in Lebanon (Hariri inc.). So they just try to mend things so that Hariri can still find a place to stay as Hariri himself can do things on his own. Meanwhile they try to aver the worst-case scenario in the vicinities of Iran by calming the Americans down. If the Lebanese can’t do it for us, we’ll do it.


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  1. Bech, I’m still stumped. From where I stand Nasrallah’s negotiating with the Saudis feels like an adrenalin shot to a failing, antiquated political system. Is this political compromise? Is it the best way forward or another band aid solution for the next 5 minutes before the system collapses in on itself again? Also, Saudi IS a regional player, if impotent on a world level (clearly they still exercise influence in little Lebanon), so how does this depart from the March 14 game? Again, it all smells like a life-shot to the status-quo, except with a power-shift. I could be way off, I don’t know. And I can’t see what the Saudis can get out of this deal aside from bolstering their farcical diplomatic position & giving them credence as a regional player when what they should be getting is a coup. As for Hizballah’s game plan, if anyone knows of a successful campaign of overturning a system by working within it, please do tell. Otherwise, it’s business as usual in Lebanon.

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