France ready to bring down Israeli planes?

In the Daily Star today:

Israeli warplanes committed their “most intensive” violations of Lebanese airspace since the July-August war on Tuesday, conducting mock raids over Beirut and several other parts of the country.

But what I would like to see happen is this:

France, which currently leads the UN peacekeeping force in South Lebanon, has said it might open fire on intruding aircraft.

That would be definitely interesting, because if it is not just a verbal show of force to win the hearts and mind of the fellow francophone nation(which what it is likely to be), it could signal some rifts in the Franco-American ill-defined relationship.


3 Replies to “France ready to bring down Israeli planes?”

  1. The French will fire on Israeli planese when pigs fly, but this and the German incident highlight how ridiculous the Israeli position was on a “bolstered” UNIFIL. I imagine the IDF is still cursing the political leadership over this historic reversal in traditional Israeli policy. How long before we have the pic of a dead European on the front page of papers across Europe. It is only a matter of time and will put the Israelis in a very, very difficult position.

  2. I find the headlines re the violations very telling. Here’s a sample (guess the publication)…
    1. “Lebanon army: We shot at IAF jets during mock raid”, which morphs into…
    “EU to Israel: Mock raids could encourage cease-fire violations”
    2. “Israeli jets roam Beirut skies”, which also morphs into…
    “Lebanese army says fired at IAF jets”
    3. “Israeli overflights are about terrorizing civilians, not finding weapons”
    Answer:1.Haaretz; 2.Ynetnews; 3.Daily Star (editorial)
    My favourite has to be “Israeli jets roam Beirut skies”…
    Apokraphyte, I agree with you but re the difficult Israeli position should the European die, I don’t know. Didn’t, for example, the US do more apologising over the USS Liberty than Israel?

  3. The pigs actually fly…in planes that the French have helped to design, and that have been built with French money.
    So, I guess it would not make much sense for the French to fire at what they have contributed to build. Although you never know, they could find some financial interest in that.

    What could be nice to see too, is information in the French media on French-Israeli military and economical ccoperation.
    But thats not very likely to happen either.

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