Cowboys… always have been always will be

$10 million for Nasrallah’s head and news about him hiding in Baabda
(from Mideastwire)

In its October 31 edition, Al Seyassah, an independent daily, reported that: “Diplomatic sources form the Gulf revealed to Al Seyassah in Washington yesterday that the American, Israeli and British intelligence bodies, had allocated $10 million to whoever provides information which might lead to the arrest or killing of Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. They indicated that the ‘tripartite intelligence alliance’ was currently intensifying its search for Nasrallah in Beirut and its Northern suburb, after some information was revealed about him being in the Baabda presidential palace…

“The same sources assured that the tripartite intelligence alliance had been coordinating with Arab and Lebanese intelligence bodies since October 18 to ‘hunt down’ the Shi’i leader, after it spread information on the Lebanese scene and especially in the ranks of Hezbollah and the parties and groups that are allied with it, confirming the existence of a $10 million reward on Nasrallah’s head and a $3 million reward on that of his deputy, Sheikh Naim Qassem.

“The sources indicated that the search concentrated on three areas in Beirut and one of its suburbs…: the area surrounding the Iranian embassy in Bir Hassan, the southern suburb of Beirut and a third area in northern Beirut, whereby according to some information, the Hezbollah secretary-general was in the presidential palace.” – Al Seyassah, Kuwait


One Reply to “Cowboys… always have been always will be”

  1. Alseyassah is fun. It’s more like a “lebanese” newspaper rather than a “kuwaiti” one.. And it’s very independent.. especially with Ahmad jarallah as a head of it 😉
    and speacking of the news sources, al its sources come from little white house beyond the oceans..

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