Peretz appointed Egyptian defense minister

Following reports that Egypt would deploy 5000 additional soldiers on the Gaza border to protect its citizens from Israeli air raids against arms smuggling, and despite the fact that Israeli defense ministry officials admitted that they where “unaware” of such a plan, Amir Peretz declared that:

Beyond the 750 Egyptian border troops deployed in the area, there won’t be any additions

Quite naturaly, if you want to know what Egypt’s military plans are you should go ask the Israeli defense minister, seems that he is the one making the calls.
While Israel can freely carry out air raids on its frontiers and beyond it appears that Egypt on the other hand has to make an official request to the Israeli government to fortify it’s borders. But why bother now, Peretz already gave his answer…

4 Replies to “Peretz appointed Egyptian defense minister”

  1. What exactly bothered you about this story? Egypt and Israel have peaceful relations. If Egyptian troops are on Israeli border, we should expect Israeli press to ask IDF. I don’t think Egyptian Army Chief is expected to give interviews to reporters from Haharetz.

  2. I think the point is the article reads as though Peretz were Defense Minister of Egypt. Standard journalistic practice would be to go to the source, i.e. the govt doing the alleged amassing. The article clearly portrays an Egypt subordinate to Israel, in that a sovereign state (leaving aside its tinpot dictatorship for the moment) is unable to make security decisions even within its own borders. Some might see this as a sign less of “peaceful relations” than the ‘submit or suffer’ dynamic more the rule than the exception when it comes to Israeli foreign & domestic policy. Besides, if relations are truly peaceful, why wouldn’t Haaretz reporters go direct to the Egyptian source?

  3. Uh, the best way to avoid wars is for countries to keep each other informed of troop movements along borders.

    It is the neighborly thing to do.

  4. What a beautiful world you live in simon 🙂

    One point you seem to ignore is that israel does not inform Egypt of it’s military movements.

    Bech please disable anonymous comments.

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