Hezbollah’s victory

The Asian Times has a 3 part analysis of what it calls Hezbollah’s total victory over Israel this summer by Alastair Crooke (former Javier Solana adviser on Mid-East policy) & Mark Perry (former Arafat adviser), here are the links: The Intelligence War, The Ground War & The Political War. There some pretty interesting ideas among which:

The abductions were, in fact, all too easy: Israeli soldiers near the border apparently violated standing operational procedures, left their vehicles in sight of Hezbollah emplacements, and did so while out of contact with higher-echelon commanders and while out of sight of covering fire.

We note that while the Western media consistently misreported the events on the Israeli-Lebanon border, Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper substantially confirmed this account: “A force of tanks and armored personnel carriers was immediately sent into Lebanon in hot pursuit. It was during this pursuit, at about 11am … [a] Merkava tank drove over a powerful bomb, containing an estimated 200 to 300 kilograms of explosives, about 70 meters north of the border fence. The tank was almost completely destroyed, and all four crew members were killed instantly. Over the next several hours, IDF soldiers waged a fierce fight against Hezbollah gunmen … During the course of this battle, at about 3pm, another soldier was killed and two were lightly wounded.”


“The entire war was fought by one Hezbollah brigade of 3,000 troops, and no more,” one military expert in the region said. “The Nasr Brigade fought the entire war. Hezbollah never felt the need to reinforce it.”

On cluster bombs:

On July 24, as yet another sign of its looming failure in Lebanon, Israel deployed the first of thousands of cluster munitions against what it called “Hezbollah emplacements” in southern Lebanon. Cluster munitions are an effective, if vicious, combat tool and those nations that use them, including every single member of NATO (as well as Russia and China), have consistently refused to enter an international agreement banning their use. Recent reports in the Israeli press indicate that artillery officers carpeted dozens of Lebanese villages with the bomblets – as close to the definition of the “indiscriminate” use of firepower as one can get.

On US diplomacy (with reference to Egypt and Saudi Arabia):

– the United States’ foreign policy in the region, even in light of its increasingly dire deployment in Iraq, is in a shambles. “What that means is that all the doors are closed to us, in Cairo, in Amman, in Saudi Arabia,” another diplomat averred. “Our access has been curtailed. No one will see us. When we call no one picks up the phone.”


Hezbollah has provided the model for the defeat of a modern army

It’s worth the read to make up your own opinion.


3 Replies to “Hezbollah’s victory”

  1. I wonder where are all those bloggers who came to harrass us with their “Hezbollah will be smashed” rhetoric (notwithstanding Lebanese).

    It’s going to be a quick operation, the Americans were saying so as to calm the Lebanese government down. Don’t worry we’ll get you rid of this nuisance. Some people were already dreaming of a Lebanon with no beards associated with rifles and yellow, only strings and voyeurism on the sandy (polluted) beaches of our beloved country.

    Curing recurring headaches with panadol does not address the symptom of the headache in the first place. Political differences are like headaches.

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