Another riddle

So now find the error. I’ll give you a hint, the error in this previous post was Bashar el Assad. I’ll also give you another hint: the previous post picture was taken in Damascus and carried by Syrians, and this one is the poster for the coming festival in Zghorta which is the home town of the guy in middle. I’ve given you enough!

And by the way what is it with this blossoming of logos and symbols in the Lebanon? Is it to make up for the lack of truely “abstract” (if I may call it this way) politics – like cross-national political parties as most of political parties are based on the individuals and their tribe.
The individual in this case is filled with many attributes that transcends his individuality and restores the lacking more formal setting of a mass movement.

Now, if you check El Marada’s website (that I don’t advise you to open in firefox because the browser will freak out), there are all kinds of links to explain the semblance of a party. First the logo, Pie explained fully here in an article from a scientific magazine that clearly has no relation whatsoever with the political dimension created by el Marada for pie. 7asslo.

Then you have the hymn (that I really don’t advise you to read! good it’s only in arabic), then the flag – that happens to have no explanation just a pictures of with an inverted cross inside a cedar (very strange to say the least). Now there is an environmental section, I like that. Although in his CV Sleiman Franjieh (leader of El-Marada, and before him his father and before that his grandfather) lists hunting as one of his hobbies. Truely a paternal figure one must say.

Well I could continue describing the site on and on as there is so much to see, so many surprises awaiting the patriotic reader. But I have to say that I like this guy for some odd reason. It defies reason (as presented in this post) . He always looked nice to me, and never seemed to have seriously bothered anyone.

What I would advise you to look for now, for serious nervous breakdowns is Ahmad Fatfat’s website (yes! where he lists his political “accomplishments”, although he forgets to mention about killing kids in demonstrations and serving tea to the Israelis!)


One Reply to “Another riddle”

  1. Funny Post. I liked it. It seems with politicians, Lebanese or not, it is impossible to like them for moral, social, or political reasons and we are left with a kind of aesthetic sense of them.

    For me, Franjieh’s silly smile makes my belly hurt. I could say the same for politicos here in the US. I dont support practically any of Sen. Joseph Biden’s policies, but having met him and others, he is the senator I would like to go fishing with — that must count for something, right?

    I guess what I am saying is that politics, a l’americaine, really express this best … We are not buying social justice, we are buying chewing gum and you might like that wrapping, but I like this wrapping … How else could someone like GWB become president?

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