Most Responsible …?

Finally, asking Iran and Syria to guarantee this process [partition of Iraq] means asking the two states most responsible for destabilizing Iraq since 2003 to oversee its stabilization.

Michael, Michael, Michael … Has it come to this …?

If so, I guess it is time for me to decide if I am a “terror-sponsoring regime flak” or a shill for right-wing neoconservative ideologues …. Decisions, decisions …


2 Replies to “Most Responsible …?”

  1. Young is notoriously one of the worst journalist around.
    Want him to publish a pro-ahmedinajad piece? You just have to pay him enough money and he will, but it would be tough for you to align on his fares knowing that his usual buyers are the Hariris or the US.

    (Sorry I had to say something really naughty about him 😉

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