Maybe It Is the No Sleep …

But this is h-i-larious to my weary mind …

the difference between the international and domestic editions of Newsweek (as well as its crosstown rival, Time) is like the difference between the mind of an international business executive wizzing across the Atlantic at 35,000 feet and that of a retarded chimpanzee thrashing around in own feces at the zoo — except I think even the domestic edition of Newsweek is probably a little highbrow for Bush.

Courtesty of Billmon.


2 Replies to “Maybe It Is the No Sleep …”

  1. eh walla, that is definitely something i noticed w.r.t. time magazine.

    concerning your request below, i recall naim qassem discussing tenenbaum, but i will need to go back and check exactly what it is he says. although i doubt you want quotes from a hezbollah official concerning the matter 😉

  2. Thanks. Let me know if you find something, but it is true I am looking for something by someone who knows a bit more about what the inside of the Knesset looks like …

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