Kidnapping Is For Everyone …

From the Arutz Sheva archive on the Tenenbaum-Dirani deal:

Asked if there is no price he would be willing to pay for the return of captives, Indor said, “We must do just as we did in 1950, during the Jibli affair. We abducted Arabs specifically for the purpose of using them to obtain the release of our citizens.” Ariel Sharon himself, as a young IDF officer, initiated at the time a “bank of Arab captives” to be used to pay for the release of captured Israelis.

No wonder Sharon played it so cool, he knew the game well … I guess we cannot say the same for the current Israeli prime minister, although perhaps Olmert deserves some credit for the body-snatching in Lebanon and politico-poaching in Palestine

PS: I am still seeking anything anyone can find on Tenenbaum. Mucho gracias …


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