When picking your battles, always go with the fatigues

David Hicks, Australia’s very own “enemy combatant” captured in Afghanistan, languishes in Gitmo, slowly going mad. To the Australian Government, he is guilty until proved innocent, whenever that may be. No hurry. He’s in good hands. And besides, he does not embody good old-fashioned Aussie values.

Meanwhile, Asaf Namer from sunny Bondi is killed in action serving with the IDF in their recent assault on Lebanon replete with war crimes (as declared by human rights groups). Guy Spigelman also serves as army propagandist. Alex Mitchell asks, “Where are the Aussie values in joining Israeli army?

Do Australians support firing rockets and shells containing, in total, more than a million anti-personnel cluster bomblets at enemy villages or imposing collective punishment on civilian populations in the name of self-defence against terrorists?
And if it is OK for Australians to travel abroad to support the Israeli army, why not make it a level playing field for other Australians to join foreign armies to fight occupation and state terror? Only asking.


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