Haifa Wehbe and Hassan Nasrallah

The rising star of internet-based news Elaph has a series of editorialists, some of them worthy of interest to say the least. Take for instance this column by Mohammad Hassan al Moussawi who argues that something unites Britney-Spears-like Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe has a lot in common with a religious man like Hassan Nasrallah. This something that he does not state at the beginning – and this made want to read the article but then later regret reading it – is Nationalism.

I thought Moussawi was going to push for subtler arguments. I was pretty much deceived with this very narrow-minded conclusion. But let’s try to think a bit with the comparison he proposed. What is it that unites Nasrallah and Wehbe? Isn’t it the way the Middle East is changing so rapidly? New ways of asserting yourself. Choose your images though. “Nationalism” is one meaning-making variable you can use. But there are others mixing different ideas and beliefs. From where do you derive meaning that make you powerful? Alongside this process, different institutional positions give you different opportunities. Now you tell me what brings these two people together?


2 Replies to “Haifa Wehbe and Hassan Nasrallah”

  1. Arguably as unsubtle: the two have a surplus of charisma (the X-factor) in a celebrity-obsessed world. Yes, I know what you’re thinking but anyone who can retain a semblance of dignity after singing “bous el wawa” must have something in abundance (aside from gall)… Both are seen to have succeeded in their respective professions against the odds, & power is a natural derivative of success. We know the cult of personality didn’t crumble with Saddam’s statues…

  2. Aboul Bech
    J’ai pas trouvé d’autres moyen pour continuer à avoir accès à tes lumières.
    Mais les voila bien juteuses et plus vivifiantes que jamais
    je m’en pourlèche les doigts.

    c’est quoi ton mail zozo?
    envoie le moi qu’on se voit un de ces jours

    je suis à Paris

    Koukou el Baath

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