Political diary

There are two relentlessly daily news that you can read in the press one of which being a Hamas official repeating that the group will not recognize Israel, the other being that Iran will not stop uranium enrichment. Now do you guys need to constantly repeat these news everyday? Just tell us if anything changes once the US revises its foreign policy in the Middle East.

Federalism So it’s a federal state for Iraq it seems. who’s next? Lebanon?

Hezbollah’s rockets can reach Turkey. Why would somebody say something like this? Oh it’s true… Because like this, one knows that Iran can use Hezbollah if it wants to conquer the Middle East (wait a minute isn’t this what the US wants to do?) Nevermind..

Some people may have heard that Turkey will send army force to Lebanon. But few have heard the famous gossip: Turkey Transport Minister’s son will serve in that force. I mean this is important. Please don’t forget that.

Wait a minute, read the two last news. Somebody is mounting Hezbollah against Turkey?

The US wants to build a fence on its border with Mexico (for anti-immigration purposes). I wonder where they get these ideas from…

People wonder why Lebanese Speaker of parliament (and ex-militia leader) Nabih Berri although corrupt and opportunistic has passed to be an indispensable player on the Lebanese political scene. Look at him trying to “unite Sunnis and Shiites“. Well, because he’s the only corrupt, opportunistic, etc. leader who happens to be using his pragmatic outlook of life to keep the country united. Is this (partly) why the Shiites in Lebanon can’t play the federalist card? it is anathema to their beliefs.

US and NATO (which is kind of the same menace in this case) are building up their fleet in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean. Great welcome to World War III (or IV to use Norman Podhoretz’ lexicon)


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