American Politicians Oppose the Wall …

No, not that one — the purported domestic one between church and state …

The special breaks amount to “a sort of religious affirmative action program,” said John Witte Jr., director of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at the Emory University law school.
Professor Witte added: “Separation of church and state was certainly part of American law when many of today’s public opinion makers were in school. But separation of church and state is no longer the law of the land.”
The changes reflect, in part, the growing political influence of religious groups and the growing presence of conservatives in the courts and regulatory agencies. But these tax and regulatory breaks have been endorsed by politicians of both major political parties, by judges around the country, and at all levels of government.

Onwards and Upwards …


2 Replies to “American Politicians Oppose the Wall …”

  1. First.. do not ask me about my book report smarty. =)
    Second, I do not think you publish any real stats on what conservatives are up against and why they push as hard as they are in some cases.

    Which I do not agree with completly.

    I will say as your token Evangelical that actually reads your stuff =)It is wrong for America, it would just suck the life out of us even more and frankly most people I work with around the country do not feel the preasure to make it happen.

    I have spoken to my seminary Prez he supports the seperation and has written articles on it.
    It just muddies the water even more, it will in the long run hurt us.

    The thing you never report why do they do what they are doing?
    …that is the question it is not to convert anyone but to protect there children, believe it or not.

    If the liberal agenda stopped being played up in public schools I imagine they would stop but not likely.

    So…the battle ensues!


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