Feeling secure

I’m eating in a restaurant and on the neighboring table is a couple obviously on one of their first dates. The guy is explaining what the problem is with the Muslim world, why they are a problem to humanity and to themselves: “they are tribal”, “they can’t even make peace with one another”, “too religious”, etc… I am thinking of how many times I’ve heard this discourse over and over again almost like a popular song. I want to change table but the place is packed. I am thinking of how this has been part of the overwhelming securitarian discourse: after all if he wants to seduce her he needs to show her how much he knows the enemy. If he knows them, he can protect her and she would feel so much more secure with him than with, for example, her ex-boyfriend from university, a guy called Bachir (funny coincidence). After the securitarian discourse he wants to know all about her ex, she reassures him that “it’s clearly over”, “it couldn’t have worked in the first place”, “he was too far out”, …

There are about 350 000 unexploded Israeli cluster bombs sold by the US in south Lebanon according to Haaretz (read about it here in french), they each contain from about a hundred smaller exploding devices to up to 644 in the case of the M-26. I don’t want to do any detailed math here but we can easily reach up to 5 000 000 small bombs scattered around south Lebanon in civilian areas for “self defense” purposes.
Washington is “opening an inquiry” says the news.
What kind of world do we live in?
I feel like throwing up… whish I had never gone to this restaurant.


6 Replies to “Feeling secure”

  1. The US had a tribal problem. It dealt with the tribes harshly and now they wouldn’t even think of fighting the US.

    Do we have to do the same to the tribes of the Middle East? It would be better if the answer was no. If it is yes well then I guess you are in for a s**t storm. Enjoy.

    BTW maybe he was reading my article on Tribalism.

  2. US is full of tribes. if you do not see this you should find another perspective to understand your own history.
    Current president is the son of a previous president, can hardly get any more tribal than that.

  3. I must confess, I recently threw an e-stone at M.Simon from my own Australian sunroom sans mounted deer’s head (we antipodean plebs don’t have conservatories or mounted heads, aside from our own).

    Still, we’re a world apart. Aside from the geography, I’m happily travelling the road to hell, M.Simon is crusading his way to medieval heaven.

    Clearly we have our own battles here. Consider life for a conspicuous Russian living in The West in 1960, taken an imagined notch down on the evolutionary scale (Simon, M. ‘Tribalism’, Diner, Overheard, ‘Savonaroll’s Restaurant’).

  4. Yes. The US is full of tribes.

    However, challenging the government and terrorizing civilians is no longer a popular pass time.

    The tribes who were in to that sort of thing got tired of the beatings.

  5. hey m. simon my friend, you seem pretty cool. can you give me some hints on how i can fuck the tribes proliferating in my country and some countries around?
    do you sell – or know where we can buy – chemical weapons by any chance?
    thanks in advance for sharing with me your “experience” in fucking-tribes-in-the-ass.

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