if you speak english or french you are eligible to become civilized

Several Lebanese blogs (here and here) pointed out an ad that appeared on L’Orient Le Jour’s website but also on the Daily Star’s website:

Eligible indeed, but who may I ask?
Apart from what the other blogs have pointed out, I would like to point out that this ad is nowhere to be seen on the other “14th of March newspapers” that are in Arabic. So the offices from where these ads originated (American embassy etc.) are simply trying to say: “In case houmous hits the fan (to use Angry Arab expression) for those who have enough money, and are part of the francophone/anglophone elite, it is a message for you that our country thinks you’re worthy of coming in (the land of the free), so that we can bomb the hell out of these Shiites from the New Middle East map”. The Middle East map of “moderate Arabs” (excluding then it seems those who just read Arabic newspapers for example).
You know, I just pity those who follow Al Mustaqbal’s party and only reads Al Mustaqbal newspaper, although they back American policy in Lebanon, they will never have a chance of becoming civilized.


5 Replies to “if you speak english or french you are eligible to become civilized”

  1. Bech, you are wrong here. Such ads are placed by private companies with no connection to the US government and/or embassy. The companies are basically offering to help applicants with the diversity lottery for a fee. Some are scams, some are not. I would not know, but placing them in the DS and OLJ is just a question of marketing — those sites have generally have more traffic and it would make business sense to think that someone who reads those papers online might be more interested than someone who only reads the arabic press. Yes, it is ironic, but has nothing to do with US scheming in Lebanon. FYI …

  2. i agree with a. actually, in the DS case, DS makes use of a few companies that are responsible for gathering and distributing ads, which is why you will see ads on the DS website that have nothing to do with anything. OLJ probably does the same, but I don’t have any hard info on that.

    the reason such ads don’t appear on the arabic newspapers is that they use different venues for advertising purposes.

    btw a., the book you recommended is excellent (haven’t finished with it though). thanks.

  3. I still think that it is not a coincidence that these ads suddenly appear on the two non-arabic newspapers of Lebanon. Although I would certainly apologize for jumping to conclusions here.

  4. Look if America wants non-elites we have lots of Mexicans clamoring to get in. They are Christians too. Not too many problems assimilating.

    As for the rest of the world: bring your money. Be culturally American and you are welcome too.

    Am I ever glad my ancestors got on the boat.

  5. Laz,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the book. I found the quality of the research to be impressive. And dont worry, it took me a while to get through it too … 😉

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