Nuclear racism

Again in Le Monde an article on iranian nuclear facilities in Natanz entitled “the iranian nuclear snake”. For those of you wondering how the west develops a massive trauma towards Iran, here it goes. The snake metaphor is here very efficient and the work of journalist Marie-Claude Decamps, no doubt a modern world activ woman and successful journalist. When you know that most people only read the “headlines” you can only imagine the forces here set in motion in the average unconsious mind. The rest of the article describes the threat on nearby villages.
This article is in the front page of the newspaper, and I’m wondering if nearby villages of nuclear facilities in the free democratic world ever made it to the front pages. Ironically I also find a Greenpeace warning about leaks in 2 major nuclear facilities in France .
But it’s ok, we all know that free democratic nukes are safer to villages than islamo-fascist ones.


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