Racism of anti-racism

France offered us yet another amazing example of the double-standards at work in matters of anti-racist actions.
On september 23 two mosques were tagged with racist comments.
The tags where pretty harsh including some swastikas and invitations to leave the country. It took about 3 days for the news to disappear, the highest ranking official to have made a strong public statement to condemn these actions is the local “prefet”. In Le Monde, you can get 2 basic articles and a video about this event.

Just a few days later, a small time french philosopher attracted at least twice as much media attention by making comments in Le Figaro (greatest propaganda newspaper in France) on Islamic religion, stating among other things that their prophet is a “war master” who inscribed violence into his religion as a constitutive element. Ironically the focus didn’t go on condemning his rhetoric but on the contrary (!!!) on condemning the indignation he caused in Muslim circles (including death threats) trying to shut him down. So much so that now, the professor is supposedly changing his residence every two days. This prompted the local mayor to say “he talks a lot for someone who is hiding”. But don’t let this fool you, on this subject, in Le Monde, you get two basic articles + an editorial + a point of view article all basically supporting this guy (prof. Redeker) + a statement this time from the prime minister himself condemning the death threats on his life in the name of “freedom of speech”.


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