Meanwhile in Latin America

Here is an interesting news bit I wish to share and I’ll tell you why:

Recent weapons purchases by Venezuela seem excessive and have raised concerns that it may be funneling arms to leftist rebels elsewhere in Latin America, the U.S. military chief for the region said on Thursday.
Asked whether Colombia’s Marxist guerrillas could have received some of the 100,000 Kalashnikov automatic assault rifles that Venezuela bought in June, Gen. John Craddock, who heads the Miami-based U.S. Southern Command, said: “I don’t know.”

Venezuela supports the Columbian FARC against the pro-American Columbian government. Iran helps Hezbollah face Israel (America’s ally in the region). Same conflicts, other places. How close can Venezuela and Iran become? I heard that Hugo Chavez was coming to Lebanon. I can’t but be reminded of when Cuba used to send troops in Angola. Same conflicts, other places. Those who understood it, went. Will the Iranians understand? How international can/will the Iranians become in their anti-American battle?

US Policy in Central Asia: The Short Course …

“In other words, when the prisoner was boiled to death that summer, U.S. taxpayers had helped heat the water.”

Slip of the Tongue …?

Bassem Haddad, an occassional lecturer at Georgetown, and Osama Siblani, the publisher of the Arab American News, appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation last week to discuss the war on Lebanon and its impact on Arab-American attitudes, among other things.
Midway through the show, the host took a caller who identified himself as being an American of Lebanese descent. After launching into a racist and factually-challenged diatribe against Arabs and Hizbullah (the image of a fighter firing a rocket from a scooter continues to tickle this mind as a most delightful cartoon), this “Lebanese” apparently got a bit over-excited and used the now famous Israeli pronunciation of khizballah.
The slip of the tongue was lost on the show’s host, but thankfully both Bassem and Osama did not miss a beat and chided the caller as an obvious liar and likely Israeli. It was most hilarious …

PS: The recording is 30 minutes long and not terribly interesting. For the caller and the responses, begin at 17:00 and go until about 24:00.

O Great Leader, What Shall You Have Us Do Next …

While the mental burqa set of Charles Krauthammer (aka Dr. Death), Amir Taheri and Michael Young continues to spout nonsense about Hizbullah’s crippling defeat, it seems the resistance is polling well with respect to at least one demographic: Israelis.
A new poll reports that Israelis during the war were more inclined to believe Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah than the head of the IDF.

“The participants of the poll were asked who gave the a sense of certainty regarding the continuance of the war, and who was most authentic. The results were unequivocal: The Israeli public chose Nasrallah’s speeches as giving it both …
The public perceived the enemy leader against whom we fought as having those characteristics, and waited impatiently for his speeches. Nasrallah contradicted the Israeli spokespeople more than once, many times contradicting the minister of defense …”

Low Was Our Pretty Cot …

Sorry, but I always think of Mssr. Coleridge when hearing of the red-headed temptress. See this from the NYTimes on poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, which is up 50 PERCENT over last year:

“This year’s harvest will be around 6,100 metric tons of opium — a staggering 92 percent of total world supply. It exceeds global consumption by 30 percent,” Mr. Costa said at a news briefing.”

Where are the Islamaniacs when you need them?