Hariri’s assassination: The Israeli track

Many heard about Jürgen Cain Külbel’s book on Hariri’s assassination, but few read it including me (when I was in Lebanon it was only found in Syria who was understandbly very quick to translate it to Arabic). So here, he is interviewed on reseau voltaire (french version or English version). He has some interesting ideas if you read the whole interview. His premises in any case are the most important to keep in mind: while knowing who dominates the UN today (the US through the crazy Bolton who happens to be a good friend of Brammertz according to this journalist), the Israeli track was explicitly disregarded by the UN. The guy has a lot to say.

2 Replies to “Hariri’s assassination: The Israeli track”

  1. yea, I’ve been called a fool (and an unpatriotic one at times) by a lot of people because of my belief that Syria was being “framed”.
    I don’t have much sympathy for the Syrian regime (even though Asma is one of the few wives who does worthwhile things instead of attending fashion shows), even less for its interference with Lebanese politics; but I have nothing but pure hatred for anyone who underestimates my intelligence and that of my fellow countrymen.
    I’d also think the Syrians would be smarter than that and I didn’t see how that would really benefit them.
    But no, I’m still being called an idiot by many for my beliefs.

  2. Thank you for the interest. Since Tony Blair has said in June that my book is no more than a common conspiracy theory and since the Syrian Military Court brought it forward as an evidence into the UN commission which is investgating the Hariri assassination I’m not able to find an english or american publisher. I beg you pardon.

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