Slip of the Tongue …?

Bassem Haddad, an occassional lecturer at Georgetown, and Osama Siblani, the publisher of the Arab American News, appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation last week to discuss the war on Lebanon and its impact on Arab-American attitudes, among other things.
Midway through the show, the host took a caller who identified himself as being an American of Lebanese descent. After launching into a racist and factually-challenged diatribe against Arabs and Hizbullah (the image of a fighter firing a rocket from a scooter continues to tickle this mind as a most delightful cartoon), this “Lebanese” apparently got a bit over-excited and used the now famous Israeli pronunciation of khizballah.
The slip of the tongue was lost on the show’s host, but thankfully both Bassem and Osama did not miss a beat and chided the caller as an obvious liar and likely Israeli. It was most hilarious …

PS: The recording is 30 minutes long and not terribly interesting. For the caller and the responses, begin at 17:00 and go until about 24:00.


4 Replies to “Slip of the Tongue …?”

  1. hahaha
    i loved the way siblani laughed..
    the guy is so typical.. he might as well have signed off with peace or blessings.
    the scooter thing, the khizballah, and the way they say terrororganization like it’s one word, his accent.. and pretty much everything he said..

    aside good interviews.

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