O Great Leader, What Shall You Have Us Do Next …

While the mental burqa set of Charles Krauthammer (aka Dr. Death), Amir Taheri and Michael Young continues to spout nonsense about Hizbullah’s crippling defeat, it seems the resistance is polling well with respect to at least one demographic: Israelis.
A new poll reports that Israelis during the war were more inclined to believe Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah than the head of the IDF.

“The participants of the poll were asked who gave the a sense of certainty regarding the continuance of the war, and who was most authentic. The results were unequivocal: The Israeli public chose Nasrallah’s speeches as giving it both …
The public perceived the enemy leader against whom we fought as having those characteristics, and waited impatiently for his speeches. Nasrallah contradicted the Israeli spokespeople more than once, many times contradicting the minister of defense …”


3 Replies to “O Great Leader, What Shall You Have Us Do Next …”

  1. Hizballah/Iran was asking for a cease fire after 4 days.

    Israel was pressured into a cease fire after 34 days.

    Hizballah won.

    In fact Hizballah can never lose. Why? Because Islamics are not allowed to lose. They are the worlds all time winners. The Israelis never defeat them. The Americans never defeat them. The British never defeated them. The French never defeated them. There is a very long list there.

    Pay no attention to Nasserallah’s statement that had he contemplated even 1% of the damage he suffered he would not have started the war. He won. One hundred times more destruction than he contemplated.

    Hizballah drove the Israelis out of Lebanon. Proving their strength.

    In fact all Hizballah needed to do to drive the Israelis out of Lebanon was to quit fighting. Perhaps there is a lesson there. On the proper strategy for victory.

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