Dangerous reasonings

I hear on TV and radio and read it in newspapers (left and right), that some Lebanese are reasoning in the following fashion:
“After seeing that the the Israeli enemy is not differentiating between Lebanese, killing Shiite, Sunni, Druze, christians, we should all unite for a stronger country and support the resistance.”

This asks for some serious remarks:

1- Do they mean that if the Israelis succesfully only targeted Hezbollah, we don’t need to unite?
2- Do we need to unite only because there is an enemy?

The first question underlines a rampant chauvinistic attitude towards Hezbollah or “the shia”. The second question shows that these people are of the same creed as the 14th of March right-wingers as they build their unity on the presence of an enemy (if not Syria here then Israel). Then again I am fully aware that nationalistic drives can only exist when they can rest on the existence of an enemy.

In both cases Lebanese (or the many “Lebanese”) are the principal counterexample that people learn from the vissicitudes of history.


2 Replies to “Dangerous reasonings”

  1. “nationalistic drives can only exist when they can rest on the existence of an enemy.”

    you answered your own question. as it happened in the post-9/11 US, add to that the confusion of the lebanese identity with all the tribal loyalties based on sects and neighborhoods and past leaders and families..

  2. [rant]
    The Le-baa-neese will only unite behind the Doll-ar
    behind the dull-ards
    and behind whatever it is that will make them feel proud.

    Let us live in a banana republic as long as we can feel proud!
    And go party in Gemmayzeh, and go tan at the beach, and boast about being surrounded by the friendliest people in the world, and find all traits that hold us back as a nation “mahdoum”.


    current mood: depressed yet sexy

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