A Tale of the Tub …

An article in Yediot Ahronoth suggests that the Israelis are beginning to tally up the costs of the month-long war:

“In addition to the huge wartime financial losses and mental strains, 17 percent of northern Israel residents will need to deal with yet another problem – weight gains resulting from a month of anxiety and uncertainty.”

I don’t think I could make this stuff up if I wanted to. And again, we have more evidence that Jonathan Swift was wrong: it is the rich nations that are hungry and poor ones that are proud … Just like an Irishman to be spot on, but have it ass-backward …

More seriously, it is not my intention to belittle Israeli suffering during this war, but rather draw attention to something quite remarkable about this war and quite obvious for those following the media coverage of this war. I think this may be first, and perhaps not the last, war between a first world country (Israel) and a third world country (Lebanon) in which the poorer country can actually inflict destruction, as traditionaly understood, on the richer country …

I know some will object to that outdated development typology and I certainly would agree that in many respects it is analyticaly useless and ideologically-charged, but I think everyone knows what I am talking about when we consider the economic differences between the two war zones and how those differences are reflected in the coverage of the human costs of the war … Something to puzzle on, for sure …


2 Replies to “A Tale of the Tub …”

  1. well, it’s hard to get exercise when huddled in a bomb shelter for a month.

    yes, israelis did suffer quite a bit b/c of this conflict. mental duress and stress i couldn’t imagine. we shan’t forget that.

    …but, the civilian suffering on the other side of the border…

    we know the root cause of all of this. it’s always so much easier to use force (this goes for all sides) then to come up w/ intelligent multi-striated long-sighted foreign policy that helps everyone (let me clear the hippie in my throat).

    to end on a light note. the us is well known for their obesity problem, and well, our culture is being exported around the globe. w/ our culture (lifestyle, culinary habits, inactivity, apathetic ignorance) being embraced by others, many negatives will be embraced by such embrace.



  2. I saw on French TV a documentary on Israelis “refugees” spending time in beach resorts in the south of Israel. They were being interviewed in their swimming suits talking about how they were scared of what was going on. hilarious.

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