UPDATE: Lebanese Hospitality …

This from New TV (from Israel’s Channel 2) looks more accurate and less nefarious given reports on what happened in Marjayoun concerning the detention of Lebanese forces (army and ISF) there … Still the smile on the Israeli soldier’s face and the bulge in his belly may mean he had a manouche or two before withdrawing … I still love the pic below … I just wonder where it came from? Maybe it is some advertisement for an Israeli musical about Arab armies? Do such things exist …? Musicals, I mean … I know there is no such thing as an Arab army.


2 Replies to “UPDATE: Lebanese Hospitality …”

  1. this lebanese army welcoming the israelis seems to be true, although the picture is of course fake.

    the poor guy (lebanese) had no orders when the israelis arrived. so he just opened the doors. or maybe he was obeying to ministry of defense covert order (who is a hariri employee), and so went out to welcome the Israelis.

    Now, the guy is in court for high treason

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